Justiano Pleads Not Guilty to Charge of First Degree Possession of Child Pornography


The Connecticut Post is reporting that American comic book artist Josue Rivera, better known by the pen name Justiniano, plead not guilty on Tuesday before Superior Court Judge George Thim, to the charge of first-degree possession of child pornography, and elected a trial by jury.

Rivera was arrested earlier this month, after he gave a thumb drive to an employee at a local funeral home, which was supposed to contain photographs of a deceased person to be played during a funeral. However, when the employee played the drive it instead contained numerous photographs of child pornography.

Police later examined the thumb drive and said they found 33 files of child pornography including the photograph of one young girl who police said appears to be the defendant’s niece.

Police later seized a computer from Rivera’s home. It was examined by a special unit of the Monroe Police Department, as was found to hold 153 files of suspected child pornography, including three videos. Furthermore, the Child Recognition and Identification System identified 35 children who were in the photos and videos.

In light of the news, Rivera’s former wife had applied  for a restraining order, blocking Rivera from having contact with his two young children. However, on May 12th Superior Court Judge Heidi Winslow denied the restraining order without comment.

“We have two children, whom I tried to protect after the horrific incident of his arrest, by going to the court with my lawyer to try to get an order of protection for my young sons,” Maria Rivera complained. “So much for a court that really cares about the well being of the children. God forbid I try to keep my children away from their dad, who just got accused of not a traffic violation, or even something like embezzlement or stealing a car, but first degree possession of child pornography.”

The judge has continued the case to June 8th. More on this story as it happens!

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