Comic Artist Justiniano Arrested On Child Pornography Charges!


The Connecticut Post is reporting that American comic book artist Josue Rivera, better known by the pen name Justiniano, has been arrested on charges of first-degree possession of child pornography.

The detective on the case reports that Justiano gave a thumb drive to an employee at a local funeral home, which was supposed to contain photographs of a deceased person to be played during a funeral. However, when the employee played the drive it instead contained numerous photographs of child pornography.

Police later examined the thumb drive and said they found 33 files of child pornography including the photograph of one young girl who police said appears to be the defendant’s niece.

Police later seized a computer from Rivera’s home. It was examined by a special unit of the Monroe Police Department, as was found to hold 153 files of suspected child pornography, including three videos. Furthermore, the Child Recognition and Identification System identified 35 children who were in the photos and videos.

While Justiano has not been active on the comics scene for a couple of years now, his most recent work was on the Doctor Fate feature in the 8-issue Countdown to Mystery mini-series (with the late writer Steve Gerber) from DC Comics.

His past work includes Evil Ernie, Chastity and The Omen for Chaos! Comics, and The Titans, The Flash, Beast Boy, The Human Race, Day of Vengeance, The Creeper, and 52 for DC.

He has worked with a number of writers, including Brian Pulido, Geoff Johns, Ben Raab, Bill Willingham, and Steve Niles.

Justiano was scheduled to appear as a guest at next week’s Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con.

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