Two Men Plead Guilty to Selling Fake Comic-Con Badges


I realize that this news is a couple of days old, and has been reported to death already, but the site has been down for two days, due to technical difficulties, so I apologize for the late coverage.

The San Diego Union Tribute, among other sources, is reporting that two L.A. men have been accused of selling fake badges for San Diego Comic-Com international 2010.

The two individuals, Farhad Lame, 24, and Navid Vatankhahan, 24, plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge of Theft, and have been placed on probation for a period of three years.

Each man was ordered to pay a $750 fine, complete 10 says of public work service — picking up roadside trash — and pay restitution to the victims.

The two were arrested in July 2010, on the last day of the convention. They had advertised two one-day passes on Craigslist, which were snapped up for $120 a piece, by two women desperate to gain admittance to the event. The women were supplied with two photocopied entrance badge, which were identified as fakes when they tried to enter the convention.

The prosecution claimed that the two women did not know that they were purchasing fraudulent passes, and therefore should not be held accountable.

So, if you’re looking to go to Comic-Con 2010, remember that no Comic-Con tickets are transferable, nor can they be resold. Therefore, you should make sure that you are only buying tickets from

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