Heavy Ink Retailer Travis Corcoran Has His Guns Taken Away!


Remember a few weeks ago, when Travis Corcoran of Heavy Ink posted on his blog that he was glad that Gabrielle Giffords had been shot? If you don’t, head here, and here. Well, it seems that enraged comic fans weren’t the only ones concerned with Concoran’s appalling comments, because the police in his hometown of Arlington, Massachusetts have placed a suspension on his license to carry firearms, and seized all of his weapons.

The Arlington Advocate reveals that police were tipped off about Concoran’s blog post, and thought that his suggestion that the other 534 members of Congress should be shot was a credible threat, and on January 13th decided to take precautionary measures.

APD Capt. Robert Bongiorno is reported as having said that “Officers took a large amount of weapons and ammunition. Currently, we are working with federal law enforcement partners and the case remains an active and open investigation”, and went on to say that Concoran has a 90-day window in which he can appeal the suspension in court.

The  “About TJIC” section of his blog suggests Corcoran may have owned around 10 guns.

Corcoran has declined to comment on the investigation.

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