U.S. Manga Collector Jailed for 6 Months, Due to Obscene Material


Wired.com is reporting that a U.S. Manga collector, Christopher Handley, has being sentenced to six months in prison after pleading guilty to importing and possessing Japanese manga books depicting illustrations of child sex and bestiality.

The sentencing comes almost a year after Handley plead guiltyto charges of possessing “obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children.”

Handley was charged under the 2003 Protect Act, which outlaws cartoons, drawings, sculptures or paintings depicting minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct, and which lack “serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.” Handley is the first person in the U.S. to be convicted under that law for possessing cartoon art, without any evidence that he also collected or viewed genuine child pornography.

If he had not  made a plea deal with federal authorities, he faced a maximum 15-year sentence.

The Anime News Network says the seven books are:

* Mikansei Seifuku Shōjo (Unfinished School Girl) by Yuki Tamachi (LE Comics)
* I [Heart] Doll by Makafusigi (Seraphim Comics)
* Kemono for ESSENTIAL 3 (THE ANIMAL SEX ANTHOLOGY Vol.3) by Masato Tsukimori et al (Izumi Comics)
* Otonari Kazoku (Neighboring House Family) by Nekogen (MD Comics)
* Eromon by Makafusigi (Seraphim Comics)
* Kono Man_ ga Sugoi! (This Man_ is Awesome!) by Makafusigi (Seraphim Comics)
* Hina Meikyū (Doll Labyrinth) by Makafusigi (Seraphim Comics)

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