A Sneak Peek at Jock’s Artwork from Detective Comics #861


DC  Comics have revealed a sneak peek look at a double page spread of Jock’s interior artwork from Detective Comics #861!

While I’ve really enjoyed JH Williams III’s amazing run on the series, Jock is one of my favourite artists, and I cannot wait for this issue to hit.

Jock is joining Greg Rucka on the title for a three issue arc called ‘The Cutter’, which is set to feature both Batman and Batwoman:

Batwoman investigates a string of grisly attacks that have left the victims mutilated, or, worse, dead. But what does this case have to do with the kidnapping of a socialite from ten years ago, and what evidence can The Dark Knight himself bring to light on this macabre mystery?

Just look at this amazing piece of art:

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