The Daily Review - Blue Beetle #28


Up for review: Blue Beetle #28
writer: Will Pfeifer
penciler: David Baldeón

Blue Beetle is a great mainstream comic series that, much like Manhunter, has a ridiculously small readership. I bought the first issue, due to Keith Giffen’s involvement, but stuck around after John Rogers, quite expertly, took the reins. The book feels very much like early Spider-Man comics. There is a young boy who has great powers thrust upon him, and he is reluctant to accept them. Through the first 20 issues of the series we watch as Jaime Reyes’ family and friends learn of his new powers, how they change his life, and how he eventually accepts his new role in the world. It is rather a wonderful series that works well for all ages.

John Rogers moved on to pastures new a few issues ago, and we are now getting a couple of fill-ins until new series writer Matthew Sturgess comes on board. This one was by Will Pfeifer, and was actually pretty good. I’ve never read Pfeiffer’s Catwoman run, but he wrote Amazons Attack last year, which was terrible. The story he gives here is about the new Blue Beetle facing a villain that Dan Garrett, the original Blue Beetle, faced in the 1940′s. The story of both encounters is told as two parallel plot lines, which works really well. I won’t spoil the ending, but there was a nice little twist in there. For a fill-in this was pretty good. Pfeiffer also did a good job of using most of Blue Beetle’s supporting cast to their fullest effect.

Make sure you pick this up next month when Sturgess comes on board. He will be using Blue Beetle to explore the issue of immigration in the States, which could be quite interesting.

Grade: 7 out of 10 scarab beetles

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