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We are now well into 2011, and I think that pretty much everybody has finished posting their best of 2010 lists. Well, I figure it’s about time to stop looking back, and start looking forward. To this end, I have put together a list of comic related things that I am looking forward to in 2011. It turns out that it’s already one hell of a long list, and I’m sure there is a whole ton of stuff that hasn’t even been announced yet. I would classify myself as a bit of a pessimist, and I think most people who know me would agree. So if I think the things on this list are worth looking forward to, you know they must be good!

The list is put together in a roughly chronological order, with things just about to be released listed at the top, and stuff that hasn’t yet been solicited listed at the bottom.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

The Vertigo Crime line expands with it’s latest entry, Andy Diggle’s Rat Catcher. I’ve been following Andy’s work since his days as editor of 2000 AD. He has a really flair for crime stories, as fans of his recent Daredevil run will be well aware. Combine that with the incredibly interesting premise of this book, and you’ve got a real winner on your hands!

This actually came out yesterday, so go out and buy a copy now!

Written by Andy Diggle
Art by Victor Ibáñez
Format: 192pp, HC, B&W
Publisher Vertigo
RRP: $19.99
Released: 19, 2011
Click here to buy from Amazon


According to underworld legend, the Rat Catcher is a peerless assassin who specializes in silencing mob snitches. There’s just one problem – he doesn’t exist. At least, not according to the U.S. Marshals who oversee the Witness Protection Program…

Now there’s a pile of dead bodies in a burning safe house outside El Paso. The Rat Catcher has finally slipped up, and a washed-up FBI agent has one last chance to hunt him down before he disappears forever. But as the two master manhunters spiral in towards each other in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, each of them hides a secret from the other – secrets that could destroy them both.

New York Times best-selling author Andy Diggle (THE LOSERS, Daredevil) partners with future superstar Victor Ibañez in a tense Vertigo Crime thriller that’s unrelenting to the very last twist.

“Fuc- -u, -ss -le” is the fourth and final volume of stories about everybody’s favourite stubbly little girl! Expect mayhem, obscenities, bloodshed, and lots of belly laughs as Johnny Ryan takes Blecky out in style!

Make sure you pick up a copy. It’s completely deranged!

Written and illustrated by Johnny Ryan
Format: 104pp, Softcover, B&W
Publisher: Fantagraphics
RRP: $11.99
Released: January 26, 2022
Click here to buy from Amazon


“‘Fucussle’?! What’s that mean?”

“No, it’s Fuck You, Asshole! by Johnny Ryan.”

Thus begins the fourth and final collection of comic strips starring the stupidest, ugliest, stubbliest girl in grade number two. Blecky and her “pals” are back and so are the fountains of blood, urine, and other bodily fluids (not to mention profanity) in these riotously hilarious, eye-poppingly offensive four-panel gag strips. Co-starring the usual cast of Blecky’s weirdo friends and enemies, plus douching robots, the Christmas barbarian, the world’s most bad-ass Easter basket, the Spamfs, 69-11, sexy murder hunks, ass worship, glory holes, the Pizzazooka, Dizzy the herpes-sniffing dog, Sir Oreo Monocle and oh so much more. Over 100 pages of ridiculous absurdity, over-the-top grossouts, and scathing satire that could only come from the mind and pen of Johnny Ryan.

  • Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth

Axe Cop jumps off the internet and into print, courtesy of Dark Horse. If you’ve not read Axe Cop before, it’s the most fun, bizarre and unpredictable thing you’ll ever read! It’s written by a six-year-old and drawn by his thirty-year-old brother! Go to and read it now!

Written by Malachai Nicolle
Illustrated by Ethan Nicole
Format: 32pg, SC, FC
Published by Dark Horse Comics
RRP: $3.50
Publication Date: March 02, 2021

The amazing and hilarious comic is making its debut as an all-new Dark Horse miniseries this spring! Comics fans and fancy news blogs aren’t the only ones to take notice of Axe Cop; now the so-called “real” police know about him, too. And if there’s one thing police don’t like, it’s a guy with an axe who’s better than they are at catching and dispatching bad guys! Now Axe Cop and his partner Dinosaur Soldier are being treated like bad guys, not only by the police, but by the president and the army, too! But when a pair of nasty villains barge in from outer space and turn the army into actual bad guys, who gets the call to set things right? Axe Cop!

* Upon its debut as a webcomic in December of 2009, Axe Cop was hailed by the entertainment press as an instant hit!

* Artist and cocreator Ethan Nicolle was nominated for an Eisner award for his 2008 comic series Chumble Spuzz.

* Written by a six-year-old and drawn by his thirty-year-old brother!

  • Clive Barker’s Hellraiser

Clive Barker is returning to comics to comics, and he’s bringing Pinhead with him!

BOOM! Studios have announced that they will be producing new comics based on Clive Barker’s classic horror film, and the first arc will be co-written by Barker and Christopher Monfette. The interior artwork will be by Leonardo Manco, and it’ll have covers from Tim Bradstreet, Nick Percival, and Clive himself.

The book hits in March. Don’t miss it - it has such sights to show you!

Writers: Clive Barker, Christopher Monfette, Larry Wachowski
Artist: Leonardo Manco
Format: 40 pg, FC, SC
Published by BOOM! Studios
RRP: $3.99
Released: March 22, 2021

One of the greatest horror franchises of all time returns, now under the control of its original creator! Clive Barker has touched HELLRAISER only twice: once to write THE HELLBOUND HEART, and once more to write and direct the original HELLRAISER film. Now witness Barker’s long-awaited return to tell a new chapter in the series’ official continuity—a trajectory that will forever change the Cenobites… and Pinhead! So prepare your soul for an epic journey into horror from one of the medium’s greatest voices, and starring one of the medium’s greatest characters, in an unforgettable new chapter of HELLRAISER. BONUS: this epic 40-page first issue features a 10-page backup story written by the co-writer and co-director of THE MATRIX trilogy, Larry Wachowski!

Featuring covers from legendary artist Tim Bradstreet and LEGENDS: THE ENCHANTED artist Nick Percival.

Mome is a quarterly anthology showcasing the best new talent of this decade’s rising cartoon generation, alongside work from some of North America and Europe’s most respected creators.

Author: Various Artists; edited by Eric Reynolds
Format:112 pg., SC, FC
Published by Fantagraphics Books
RRP $14.99
Released: March 21, 2021

Click here to pre-order from Amazon


Our acclaimed art-comics anthology forges into its 6th year with another diverse and wonderful volume full of returning favorites and a few surprises.

On the cover, a detail from Sara Edward-Corbett’s haunting, Gorey-esque tale of nocturnally animate objects. Also in this issue: Steven “Ribs” Weissman’s freewheeling, sometimes-satirical, sometimes-deeply-weird webcomic “Barack Hussein Obama” (starring the President of the United States and his associates) makes its print debut; Sergio Ponchione provides another full-color prequel story to his acclaimed series Grotesque (translated from its appearance in Italy’s Linus magazine); Josh Simmons is back with more “White Rhinoceros” and one of his unparalleled standalone horror stories; Nate Neal takes us back to the world of his graphic novel The Sanctuary; and we welcome Nick Thorburn, cartoonist and frontman of the acclaimed indie bands Unicorns and Islands.

All this plus: a one-pager from Dash Shaw; a blackly comic fable from Jon Adams; a typically trenchant strip from Tom Kaczynski; new chapters of T. Edward Bak’s “Wild Man,” Derek Van Gieson’s “Devil Doll,” and Kurt Wolfgang’s “Nothing Eve” serials; a dreamlike tale from Lilli Carré; and more autobiographical vignettes by Nicolas Mahler.

I can’t wait for this one. I absolutely love Johnny Ryan’s art and sense of humour. Expect it to be full of sick and twisted hilarity!

Written and illustrated by Johnny Ryan
Format: 120pg., SC, B&W
Published by Pigeon Press
Released: March 30, 2021
RRP: $12.99

Buy from Amazon

This hilarious and irreverent tome continues the Johnny Ryan brand of gleefully perverse humor! New Character Parade features 120 full-page strips starring 120 ridiculously clever characters including: Stink Saw, Mammuel Clemens, Judge Judy Dredd, Tron of Finland, Sherlock Homeless, Metaliban, Shark Fluffer, Sir Oreo Monocle, The Erotic Art Collecting Squirrel, and Lesbian Spock! New Character Parade is Ryan’s piece de resistance, shamefully funny!

  • Fall of the Wolfmen (North America release) wolfmen2coverfinal

Accent UK’s Fall of the Wolfmen has been out in the UK for a few month’s now, but North American readers have sadly been deprived of the crime noir / horror classic. That is until now! You can pre-order Fall of the Wolfmen from the January 2011 issue of Diamond’s Previews magazine, for comics shipping in March 2011, with the order code of Jan110891.

Apparently Diamond have even spotlit the book as a ‘Certified Cool’ title, which is pretty impressive.

Check out my review of the book here:

Written by Dave West
Art by Andy Bloor
Format: 40pg, SC, B&W
Published by Accent UK
RRP: $5.95
Released: March 30, 2021


Tough guy Jack Grey returns to stalk the fearsome Wolfmen who changed his life forever, but an encounter with the sinister Ghosts makes him realize that a full-scale gang war could erupt with his former girlfriend caught in the firing line! Gritty crime noir with a horror twist which Phonogram’s Kieron Gillen describes as ‘A Dark Jewel in British Indie Comics.’

The comic industry’s finest periodical hit its 300th issue in late 2009, and for a variety of reasons, Fantagraphics decided to put the title on hiatus, and take some time to reinvent the publication.

This April, the journal is set to return as a book-length “magazine” — over 600 pages long, chock full of the kinds of criticism, interviews, commentary, and history that has made it the most award-winning and critically lauded magazine in the history of comics.

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
Format: 302pp, SC, FC
Price $19.99
Released: 4th April 2011
Click here to pre-order from Amazon


This volume features a focus on R. Crumb’s most commercially successful project of his career, his comics adaptation of Genesis, including the most extensive interview he’s given on the subject as well as a long critical roundtable among six comics critics reviewing the book and debating each other over its merits; plus:

• An interview with Joe Sacco about his recent journalistic masterpiece, Footnotes in Gaza;
• A peek into the private sketchbooks of (and accompanying interviews with) Jim Woodring, Tim Hensley, and the novelist Stephen Dixon;
• A conversation between Mad Fold-Out creator Al Jaffee and Thrizzle auteur Michael Kupperman;
• A complete full-color reprinting of the 1950s Gerald McBoing Boing comic;
• The first significant biographical essay charting the turn-of-the-century cartoonist and illustrator John T. McCutcheon;

and essays and reviews by R. Fiore, R.C. Harvey, Chris Lanier, Rob Clough, and others.

Over 600 pages long, this is a year’s worth of The Comics Journal rolled into one extraordinary objet d’art. As a special treat, this volume is guest designed by internationally respected Criterion art director Eric Skillman. The Comics Journal #301 is no mere magazine but a gigantic compendium covering comics past and present that will shock and delight every truly curious comics reader.

Pantheon Books collect Daniel Clowes’ much loved strip from The New York Times magazine. I’ve not read the original strip, and am a big fan of Clowes’ work, so this one is a must for me.

Written and illustrated by Daniel Clowes
Format: 80pp, HC, B&W
Published by Pantheon
Released: 12 April, 2011

Click here to rpeorder from Amazon

The fan-favorite Eisner Award-winning story, originally seri­alized in The New York Times Magazine, now collected and with forty pages of new material.

Meet Marshall. Sitting alone in the local coffee place. He’s been set up by his friend Tim on a blind date with someone named Natalie, and now he’s just feeling set up. She’s nine minutes late and counting. Who was he kidding anyway? Divorced, middle-aged, newly unem­ployed, with next to no prospects, Marshall isn’t ex­actly what you’d call a catch. Twenty minutes pass.
A half hour. Marshall orders a scotch. (He wasn’t going to drink!) Forty minutes.

Then, after nearly an hour, when he’s long since given up hope, Natalie appears—breathless, apologiz­ing profusely that she went to the wrong place. She takes a seat, to Marshall’s utter amazement.

She’s too good to be true: attractive, young, intel­ligent, and she seems to be seriously engaged with what Marshall has to say. There has to be a catch.

And, of course, there is.

During the extremely long night that follows, Marshall and Natalie are emotionally tested in ways that two people who just met really should not be. Not, at least, if they want the prospect of a second date.

A captivating, bittersweet, and hilarious look at the potential for human connection in an increasingly hopeless world, Mister Wonderful more than lives up to its name.

A couple of years ago, Gilbert Hernandez started a line of graphic novels based on the film career of Fritz, the half-sister of Love & Rockets star, Luba. Being that Love & Rockets is itself isn’t exactly a mainstream series, and the fact that this spin-off isn’t branded as Love & Rockets, I don’t think too many people know these books exist. This is a great shame, because the first two books in the series have contained some of Gilbert Hernandez’s strongest artwork and storytelling to date. Try this one out, even if you’re not an L&R fan, because it’s a completely self contained story, and needs no knowledge of L&R continuity.

Written and illustrated by Gilbert Hernandez
Format: 120pp, HC, B&W
Publisher: Fantagraphics
Released: 11th April 2011
RRP: $19.99
Click here to pre-order from Amazon

The third in Gilbert Hernandez’s line of original hardcovers featuring Love and Rockets’ “Fritz” in her guise as a Z-movie actress (the first two were Chance in Hell and The Troublemakers) is a trippy thriller that stars Fritz in no fewer than three roles.

A beautiful waitress (Fritz, of course) and her hospital nurse brother (also Fritz) visit their estranged father, a once successful but now retired writer (amazingly enough, also Fritz), in order to find out the true reason why their mother committed suicide. When dad’s health fails, the siblings are then more concerned with the money he might leave them.

The story weaves in and out of reality and hallucination and possibly back in forth in time, and to complicate things further, the sister is sexually obsessed with a mysterious man throughout the tale — or is it her brother (at one point posing as his sister so that he might gain his and her inheritance) that is so hot and bothered by this mystery stud? And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There’s also a venture into ghost territory, with frauds bilking the gullible and Fritz’s character(s) right in the middle.

To complete the pulp gestalt, the book’s cover illustration is a painting by Pulp Fiction artist Steven Martinez (he painted the portrait of Marsellus Wallace’s wife Mia Wallace [Uma Thurman] that hangs in their house and which Vincent Vega [John Travolta] scrutinizes while he waits for Mia).

  • Dark Horse Presents, Volume 3

For many years, Dark Horse Presents, was one of the best anthology comics on the shelves, then anthologys sort of fell out of fashion with North America audiences, and Dark Horse was forced to retire the title.

A couple of years ago, the title reappeared as an online anthology, hosted on Myspace, but now, thankfully, Dark Horse have decided to bring it back to print!

The first issue of the new series is packed to the brim with awesomeness, with new a new Concrete story from Paul Chadwick, Howard Chaykin’s Marked Man, Neal Adams’ Blood, and a preview of Frank Millers’ Xerxes. Make sure to pre-order this one from your retailer!

Writers: Frank Miller, Harlan Ellison, Howard Chaykin, Neal Adams, Richard Corben, Carla Speed McNeil , Michael T. Gilber, Randy Stradley, Paul Chadwick, David Chelsea, Patrick Alexander, and others
Artists: Frank Miller, Howard Chaykin, Neal Adams, Richard Corben, Carla Speed McNeil , Michael T. Gilber, Paul Chadwick, Patrick Alexander, and others
Format: 80 pg., SC< FC
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Publication Date: April 20, 2021
RRP: $7.99

The legendary, premiere anthology is back! The 80-page spectacular, Dark Horse Presents returns with all-new stories by Neal Adams, Howard Chaykin, and Richard Corben; a new Concrete story by Paul Chadwick, a new Crimson Empire story from the Star Wars universe, and an exclusive sneak peek of Frank Miller’s highly-anticipated prequel to 300, Xerxes!

The celebration continues with a brand-new, all-color Finder story by Carla Speed McNeil, a prose piece from science fiction legend Harlan Ellison, the return of Michael T. Gilbert’s Mr. Monster, and much, much more!

• 80 pages of original content with no ads.

IDW collect all of Peter Bagge’s twisted Bat Boy strip from the infamous Weekly World News. Bagge is one of my favourite cartoonists, and I’ve been waiting a long time for these to be collected!

Written and illustrated by Peter Bagge
Format: 104pg, HC, B&W
Published by IDW
Released: April 26, 2021
RRP: $17.99

Click here to pre-order from Amazon

Collected for the first time in one deluxe hardcover edition, Peter Bagge’s Bat Boy strips, which ran in the Weekly World News for two years, are filled with all the insanity, inanity, and cartoonish humor you’d expect from a team-up between Bagge (Hate) and the Bat Boy (beloved). See Bat Boy attain the office of the Presidency (alongside adopted First Lady Martha Stewart and Secretary of Defense Li’l Kim) and other craziness.

Jill Thompson gives us another installment of her ridiculously cute version of Neil Gaiman’s Edless Characters, all brought to life through Jill’s beautiful painted artwork.
Written and illustrated by Jill Thompson
Format: 64pg, HC, FC
Published by Vertigo
RRP: $14.99
Released: May 10, 2021
Click here to pre-order from Amazon

The diminutive versions of the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s SANDMAN mythos are back by popular demand in DELIRIUM’S PARTY: A LITTLE ENDLESS STORYBOOK.

In an effort to rid Despair of her unhappiness once and for all, Little Delirium throws a party for her dour sister and invites siblings Dream, Destruction, Death, Destiny and Desire. But this is no ordinary affair. We’re talking about a party planner who is the personification of delirium, so you can only imagine that this event will be as outrageous and unpredictable as Little Delirium’s haircolor. But whether Delirium’s party will be a smashing success – or whether it will end in tears – is anyone’s guess.

Brought to life through whimsical prose and watercolor by multiple award-winner Jill Thompson, DELIRIUM’S PARTY: A LITTLE ENDLESS STORYBOOK will be an affair to remember for all time – and all ages.

Alan Moore fans have been waiting a while for this one. It was supposed to be released in late 2010, but was sadly pushed back. It looks like it’ll finally be hitting the shelves in July. Hopefully there are no more delays, but good things are worth waiting for.

The first volume of LoEG III was an thrilling ride through the late Edwardian era, and now we move forward to 1968, a time exemplified by the hippie subculture. I can’t wait to see the league’s adventures in this period of history, and what sorts of surprises Moore & O’Neill have in store for us!

Written by Alan Moore
Illustrated by Kevin O’Neill
Format: 80 pp, SC, FC
Co-Published By Top Shelf Productions & Knockabout
RRP: $9.95
Released: July 2011
Click here to pre-order from Amazon

CHAPTER TWO takes place almost sixty years later in the psychedelic daze of Swinging London during 1969, a place where Tadukic Acid Diethylamide 26 is the drug of choice, and where different underworlds are starting to overlap dangerously to an accompaniment of sit-ins and sitars. The vicious gangster bosses of London’s East End find themselves brought into contact with a counter-culture underground of mystical and medicated flower-children, or amoral pop-stars on the edge of psychological disintegration and developing a taste for Satanism. Alerted to a threat concerning the same magic order that she and her colleagues were investigating during 1910, a thoroughly modern Mina Murray and her dwindling league of comrades attempt to navigate the perilous rapids of London’s hippy and criminal subculture, as well as the twilight world of its occultists. Starting to buckle from the pressures of the twentieth century and the weight of their own endless lives, Mina and her companions must nevertheless prevent the making of a Moonchild that might well turn out to be the antichrist.”

  • Any Empire

Any Empire is Nate Powell’s follow-up to the Eisner award winning Swallow Me Whole. The solicitation claims that the book examines war and violence, and their trickledown effects on middle America. If it’s a fraction as good as Swallow me Whole, I expect it to be stunning.

Written and illustrated by Nate Powell
Format: 304 pg., HC, FC
Published by Top Shelf
RRP: 19.99
Shipping in July 2011

Nate Powell’s follow-up to the Eisner winning Swallow Me Whole examines war and violence, and their trickledown effects on middle America. As a gang of small-town kids find themselves reunited in adulthood, their dark histories collide in a struggle for the future.

Any Empire follows three kids in a Southern town as a rash of mysterious turtle mutilations forces each to confront their relationship to their privileged suburban fantasies of violence. Then, after years apart, the three are thrown together again as adults, amid questions of choice and force, belonging and betrayal.


  • Seeds

Late last year, comic and graphic novel publishers, Com.x, informed me of a new title that they were set to publish, called Seeds, which is written and illustrated by Ross Mackintosh. Seeds is the autobiographical story of how Machintosh and his family were affected by his father’s cancer; beginning with the diagnosis, then taking us through the journey of his father’s decline.

Com.x tell me that ordinarily this type of book is outside the scope of what they would normally publish, but that they were profoundly touched by Ross’ storytelling and felt that they had to release his book. Cancer has affected almost everyone in some way or another – including com.x’s inner circle included – which is what influenced their decision to publish Ross’ book. They also hope that such a book might provide some modicum of comfort and support to others touched by this tragic disease.

I lost my mother to lung cancer in late 2009, and know how deeply upsetting it is to lose a loved one to such a relentless and brutal disease. It’s a subject that’s close to my heart, so I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

Seeds will be in the February Diamond catalogue for an April on-sale date. A portion of the book’s proceeds will be going to selected Cancer charities in both the US and UK.

  • Accent UK’s 2011 anthology: Predators predatorsaccent

Every year, Accent UK publish a themed anthology, featuring contributions from some of the UKs top indy writers and artists. The theme for this year is Predators, so the anthology will contain stories based around the predatory theme, be it from the perspective of the predator or the prey. This was actually supposed to come out in 2009, but was unfortunately delayed till 2011.

According to Accent’s website, they also plan to have their Victoriana and Zombies 2 anthologies out during 2011, but I expect they may have been pushed back a bit too.

Accent’s anthologies are always filled full of fantastic stories and top quality artwork, and they keep getting better every year. 2009′ year’s Western anthology was a brilliant collection, and I’m sure this one will be even better!

To find out more, click here:

  • Palookaville 21

Last year, Canadian cartoonist, Seth retired his long running Palookaville comic series, and resurrected it as an annual series of hardcover visual compendiums. Issue #20 was part comic book with the ongoing serialization of Clyde Fans, part sketchbook, and part documentation of Seth’s fictional town of Dominion City. It’s essential reading for fans of Seth, but if you haven’t been reading the series so far, I’d advise picking up the collected Clyde Fans to help you catch up.

Written and Illustrated by Seth
Published by Drawn & Quarterly
Format: HC
Released: TBD

Buy Palookaville #20

Buy Clyde Fans: Book 1

  • Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score

Darwyn Cooke continues his ongoing graphic novelisation of the Richard Stark’s Parker novels, with an adaptation of the fifth Parker novel, The Score. If you’ve been picking up the series so far, you’ll know that this is the best thing that Cooke has ever done, which is saying something. If you’ve not been picking up up. What the hell is wrong with you?

Written and illustrated by Darwyn Cooke
Published by IDW
Format: HC
Released: TBD

  • The Walking Dead Season 2

The second Season of AMC’s adaptation of The Walking Dead is scheduled to air at some point this year, and I don’t mind telling you that I’m pretty excited about it. I’m usually not a big fan of most novel or comic adaptations, but Frank Darabont did such an amazing job with Walking Dead, that it just bowled me over! Sure, they made a few changes to the plot that pissed off a handful of die hard purists, but I think the changes actually enhanced the story! There are certain things that work better in comics than on the screen, and vice versa, and I think Darabont and co. did a great translation. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the story goes next. Hershell’s farm? We’ll see…

Catch up with the story so far, by picking up the season one DVD or Blu-ray

  • Acme Novelty Library 21

No details have yet been released about the latest issue of Chris Ware’s ACME Novelty Library, but I would expect that it will probably be part 4 of his ongoing biography of Rusty Brown. However, you never know, because with issue 20 he gave us the full life story of Jordan Lint, a side character in the Rusty Brown story. the one things that you can be sure of though, it’ll be amazing!

Written and Illustrated by Chris Ware
Published by Drawn & Quarterly
Format: HC
Rleased: TBD

Catch up on previous volumes!

  • Love & Rockets New Stories #4

Los Bros Hernandez return for the fourth annual volume of New Stories. The issue hasn’t been solicited yet, but I anticipate it to be full of fun, bizarre and emotional stories. The brothers still seem to be able to tell stories packed full of originality, even after all these years. Buy it without hesitant

Written and illustrated by Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez
Published by Fantagraphics Books
Format: SC
Released: TBD

Get the previous volumes!

  • Athos in America

I only just found about about this latest Jason book. I’ve read every book that he’s ever done, and love them all, so I’ll definitely be picking this one up.

Written and Illustrate by Jason
Published by Fantagraphics Books
Format: SC
Released: TBD

  • Congress of the Animals

Jim Woodring brings us more unforgettable tales of Frank. If you liked Weathercraft, you won’t want to miss this!

Written and Illustrated Jim Woodring
Published by Fantagraphics Books
Released: TBD

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