Shots from the Set of Dredd Begin to Surface on the Internet


As filming of Dredd is now well underway, down in South Africa, several shots have begun to surface around the intent, showing set pieces and vehicles being used in the filming of the movie. Many of the shots are taken on location at the Cape Town Civic Centre.

A bunch have surfaced over on the 2000 AD forums, and a few more have appeared over on the Bleeding Cool forums. I have cross-posted these images below, but full credit goes to the original posters. Thanks guys!

From the images, it looks like they seem to be going for a dark, gritty dystopian look for Mega-City One, which to me seem to be a good way to go. I’m getting mor than a little bit excited about this one!

Oh, and if you missed the first shot of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, click here!

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