Judge Dredd ‘Bonds’ with Familiar Faces in Judge Dredd Megazine #305


From the press release:

In Mega-City One, there’s a franchise of films featuring suave super-spy John Blaze. Their popularity has now waned, but the films are still show ad nauseum on Channel Fifteen, usually on Boxing Day to a post-Xmas captive audience. The actors who all played Blaze – Shaun Schcott, Roger Routinely, Remington Pearson and Don Cragg - still meet up and watch marathon screenings together. When they receive an invite for a filmed reunion at a mysterious mansion, they jump at the chance – but all is not as it seems, and someone is out to bump off all the John Blazes in increasingly elaborate ways…

From writer Al Ewing (Judge Dredd, Zombo) and artist Liam Sharp (A.B.C. Warriors, Spiderman, Batman, Spawn: the Dark Ages), the Judge Dredd Megazine has a licence to thrill the winter blues away!

On Sale December 8, 2021 - £5.49

The Judge Dredd Megazine © and ® Rebellion A/S

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