Comic Idol Online Announces the Winner of the Fourth Page Contest for the Comic Riot Shell!


From the press release:

Riot Shell Page 4 Contest Winner Alberto Reyes

Comic Idol Online announced today the winner of the fourth page Contest for the comic Riot Shell.

As already announced earlier comic book heroes and Comic Idol supporters David Nakayama and Romano Molenaar, together with Riot Shell #0 artist Martin Möntiel were the designated Judge and Jury of this Page 4 Contest. The consistently high-end performances of the artists entering into every contest are indeed best served having such high-level Judges!

Comic Idol is proud to announce the winner of the Page 4 Comic Idol Online Contest, namely Mr. Fusion a.k.a. (Alberto Reyes)!!

According to Comic Idol “Again it was a close draw but somehow the Jury was much more on the same page as the previous Page 3 Contest and this time Reyes was the crowned hero of this month’s page.” It was harder to get a more decisive outcome for the runner-ups. Both Studio J as well as Frank Bacho were very close this time around.

Nicita Design and Comic Idol Online hereby congratulate the winners! The Page 4 Contest has been an success and a lot of Industry Professionals are looking at every page, so we urge all the fans of great artwork, great artist, Riot Shell and Comic Idol Online to enter and log in with your Facebook-account or your own account at Comic Idol Online.

Scheduled to be Judge of Page 5 are Greg Capullo, Marat Mychaels and Tyler Kirkham, so get your crayons in order and be sure to have a great time!
Be sure to check back with the older entries at , As well as David Nakayama will have feedback on his 5 top picks for the page 4 contest entries later today.

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