Silvestri, Benitez, and Montiel Judge New Comic Idol Contest


From the press release:


When first starting Riot Shell and Comic Idol Online, creators Adrian Nicita  & Vince Panuccio set out to create a platform for new talent and an exciting means of seeing this new talent go farther and farther as time progresses. To this day the two still has the following to say: “I was amazed at the amount of entries we kept on receiving, be it the Page Contests or the Color Contest. I am humbled by this attention and at times completely stunned by the quality some people came up with.”

Adrian & Vince also noticed that the voting by title of fans alone, was not delivering the goal they set out for them self’s, namely having Adrian’s character Riot Shell be presented in the best way possible. So in order to optimize the contest and its results they explained: “We wanted to be both true to ourselves as well as to the voters and the artists, so I decided to make the contest even more professional and indeed I asked a Jury Of Professionals to have the final say about the contributed artwork. We are pleased to announce our 3 judges

1. Marc Silvestri comic book legendary Artist & Top Cow Owner
2. Joe Benitez  Aspen / Dc Artist
3. Martin Möntiel - Riot Shell #0 / Zenscope

The decision will be made by the Jury in November.

Adrian Nicita is very happy to have the contribution of comic-pro’s to help his endeavor: “I cannot wait to see the next pieces of art for the third page of the first chapter come in and to have a Jury set in place to even professionalize Comic Idol Online more… well… that is something that just makes me feel good!!”

To get the ball rolling we have just released the page 3 script which is available at written by Julian Lawler ( broken tree comics / Arcana Comics/ Koniwaves Studio )

We at Comic Idol Online hope that more and more artists rise to the occasion in times to come, as it promises to be one hell of a Riot!


—- BELOW IS RIOT SHELL #1 PAGE 3 SCRIPT —-Panel 1 - Riot Shell walks away from the battle scene.Narrative -  Cortech Cybernetics here how why?…Does Novik have something to do with this? If so why send me to scout her own facilities?  Dr. Novick owes me some answers.Panel 2 - She has her gun pointed at eye level.Narrative - Where did the other cybernetic barbie run off to?  I need something to kill.  Battle is like meditation…it clears the mind and keeps the body working.RS - Where is that damn stalker?  I know there was another one around here.Panel 3 - This is an overhead shot of Riot Shell looking around between buildings.  The second stalker from pages 1 and 2 is hiding behind a corner.  It doesn’t look like the stalker wants anything to do with Riot Shell.RS - Hmm, I must have scared it off.Panel 4 - RS jumps on the ledge of a nearby building.RS - I’m not in the mood for games.Panel 5 - She jumps into the air and her gun turns into a jet propulsion mechanism (there could be several panels of her arm transforming here).Narrative - Now to get to the bottom of this.  Dr. Novick better explain herself.Panel 6 - RS is flying through the air.Narrative - Or else…..

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