Riot Shell Page 3 Contest Winner Announced


From the press release:

Riot Shell Page 3 Contest Winner Announced

Comic Idol Online announces today the result of who is the winner of the third page Contest for the comic Riot Shell.

As previously announced comic book heroes and Comic Idol supporters Marc Silvestri and Joe Benitez, together with Riot Shell #0 artist Martin Montiel were the Judge and Jury of this Page 3 Contest. It was decided by Comicidolonline-creators Adrian Nicita & Vince Panuccio, that the consistent high-end performances of the artists entering into every contest would be best served when having such high-level Judges!

Judges choices were based on drawing ability, or storytelling, or both

And so without further hesitation, Comic Idol is proud to announce the winner of the Page 3 Comic Idol Online Contest, namely Studio J aka (Jesse Wichmann)

According to Nicita “it was a difficult task to have the entries judged, since so many talented people decided to put in precious time and effort and turned in amazing detailed pieces of art! The Judges really had a hard time and it was a close call with the Top 3! Mr. Fusion (Alfredo Reyes) has been the winner the last 2 pages but StudioJ went with the win this time round! The Number 3 was JuanEF aka (Juan Fioramonti) and all where mere points away from winning!”

So there you have it folks! The Page 3 contest has been an overwhelming success so we urge all the fans of great artwork, great artist, Riot Shell and Comic Idol Online to enter and log in with your Facebook-account or your own account at Comic Idol Online and see new entries for Page 4 Contest coming in!

Riot Shell is the (online) comic, which has the unique ability to have the most fan-support in the business, simply because fans themselves create, support, pencil, color and  publish the comic. Nicita Design’s Adrian Nicita created a platform ( for aspiring comic book artists to strut their stuff and via this platform chapter after chapter will become available to the fans. Comic Idol Online lets the fans decide which page, creator and storyline will be the future of Riot Shell.

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