Comic Idol Online Attracts Writer and Starts New Contests


From the press release:

Comic Idol Online Attracts Writer And Starts New Contests

Comic Idol Online has attracted writer Julian Lawler and gears up for the new contest for page 2 or Riot Shell #1 as well as a new color contest.

Comic Idol Online announces that writer Julian Lawler has been attracted to strengthen the team behind Comic Idol Online; the platform ( - established by Nicita Design’s Adrian Nicita - for aspiring comic book artists to strut their stuff and via this platform chapter after chapter will become available to the fans. Comic Idol Online lets the fans decide which page, creator and storyline will be the future of Riot Shell.

Julian Lawler currently writes for Broken Tree Comics (Trouble Point), Arcana Comics (Supermodels) and Koniwaves Studio (The Surfacing, Charlie MacDonald) and will help oversee the ongoing flow of the comic Riot Shell, which is established via voting rounds at Comic Idol Online.

Julian has already started by plotting the second page ( ) to Riot Shell #1, which marks the start of the Second Contest for Page #2 of Riot Shell! Comic Idol Online invites everyone and their mother to come and check out new entries as well as upload new entries!

Colorists can also start again, since the First Color Contest has just ended and now colorists are invited to color the winner (Alfredo Reyes) of the Page One Contest ( ) and show the thousands of fans of our platform what you are just capable off!!

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