Model Yael Markovich Joins Riot Shell


From the press release:

Model Yael Markovich Joins Riot Shell

Comic Idol Online announces today that Model Yael Markovich ( is cast as character Dr. Novik from the comic Riot Shell.

Yael Markovich is an Israeli-American model, living the life of a “makeup-artist gone model” and will join Miki Black as the second model who will be hunted in the pages of Riot Shell. Yael will be the model to Dr. Novik and if she is part of the good guys or the bad guys is still very much a big question since page 5 of Riot Shell is ready to gear up! What we dó know is that Dr. Novik is the mastermind to Agent Shell’s transformation in part-human/part-machine!

Riot Shell is the (online) comic, which has the unique ability to have the most fan-support in the business, simply because fans themselves create, support, pencil, color and  publish the comic. Nicita Design’s Adrian Nicita created a platform ( for aspiring comic book artists to strut their stuff and via this platform chapter after chapter will become available to the fans. Comic Idol Online lets the fans decide which page, creator and storyline will be the future of Riot Shell.

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