The Dark Knight Breaks Nearly Every Box Office Record


Wow! It looks like the movie just smashed everything, let’s have a quick look:

Theater Count - 4,366 theaters
Midnight Showings Total - $18.5 million
Midnight IMAX Total (94 Screens) - ~$640,000
Opening Day (Friday) Total - $67.8 million
Opening Weekend IMAX Total (94 Screens) - $6.2 million
Opening Weekend Total - ~$155.3 million
Weekend Total (Combined Top 12 Films) - ~$250 million+

Tickets Sold Online in a Single Day (
Tickets Sold Online in a Single Day (
Fastest Ticket Sales ( - 15 Tickets Per Second

Holy ticket sales Batman! (sorry, I had to do it!)

Professional reviews all seem pretty positive, and its IMDB rating is currently 9.7/10, making it #1 in the top 250. There have only been 46,915 votes so far though, so this is likely inflation, and will go down with time to a more reasonable rating.

What lead to this. Well, the film does look amazing, although I haven’t seen it yet. The marketing campaign was very well executed, including massive amounts of viral events in the streets of various cities. The cynic in me also suspects that the death of Heath Ledger shortly after filming also lead to a large amount of regular cinema attendees watching it, but that is quite a morbid thought.

I’ll try to catch the movie next weekend, though I have still to see Hellboy II yet. My wife is refusing to see either, so I might need to make some real life friends

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