Too tired to type


No evening review tonight. It is Friday night, and at the end of a week of cycling to work I hardly have the energy to lift a cup of tea to my mouth. Knowing how much I love tea, you know that must indicate a severe lack of energy

I cycled home via Futureshop (it’s an electronics store for those of you who aren’t Canadian) and picked up the Special Edition of Batman: Gotham Knight, So I should be watching that this weekend. I also got a gift for my wife: Short Circuit 2, it was a steal at $6.99!
Word of advice: never buy a D-Link wireless router. They are a pile of steaming crap, I tried all the firmware updates etc, but could never get the internet to be faster than 3 mb. I picked up a Linksys one today and our “high speed extreme” connection is now giving us 10-15 mb. Hell yes! I just used it to download Cool as Ice the Vanilla Ice movie. Seriously, it is the funniest film ever made. For some reason you just don’t seem to be able to buy it anymore ;P
Oh, I almost forgot. There is a new installment of The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo out. Go read it!

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4 Responses to “Too tired to type”
  1. Dwight L. MacPherson says:

    Thank you for the Edgar Allan Poo mention! I’m happy you’re enjoying it!

    As for COOL AS ICE, I’m ashamed/proud to say I own the DVD. Hahaha!


  2. Edward Kaye says:

    No problem! I have to make sure my “Massive” readship is enjoying good stuff Actually, I do seem to be getting a decent amount of hits, and it seems to be growing. I just have to keep the content going now It is really good writing practice though, for when I write my masterpiece, hahahahahaha!!!!

    But really, I’m actually planning to do it this time. I always want to be a writer when I was at school, but sort of got bullied into the science path. I don’t mind telling you, I find chemistry extremely boring. Stuff is pretty hectic at the moment, with getting the new condo etc, but I am writing some thoughts down, and I’m doing to do some research etc. Once we’ve moved out of this, to put it mildly, slum tenement, we will have a little writing (and comic storage) room. It’ll be much easier to write then. I’m hoping to get my wife to write something too. She has an MA in contemporary literature, so by rights, she should be doing something with it

    As for Cool as Ice, that film is a damn classic My wife and I love to watch really bad 80s and early 90s films. It is the best fun you can have!

  3. Dwight L. MacPherson says:

    Excellent! If you offer good content, it will continue to grow.

    As far as writing, never give up. Trust me, I have considered it several times. Truth is, it’s something I’m good at and I am far too stubborn to simply give up. Hahaha!

    Oh, yeah-I love the ’80s films. I graduated in ’88, so I loves me some good old ’80s movies, music and pop culture.


  4. Edward Kaye says:

    RE: 80s movies. My wife just told me that she has never seen Weekend at Burnie’s. When I get home I have to try and get it cheap down at Walmrt. God, I don’t think I can talk to her until she has watched that.

    Actually, I think I might have to divorce her anyway. She saw the Watchmen trailer a couple of days ago. Then she said “Oh, is that that book you like? I might give that a read”. She is half way through, and she says “meh, it’s OK I guess”

    Balls! We can no longer be together!

    OK, me drunk, me go sleep…

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