Dead Men Tell No Tales + LITG + My Body is Full of Pain!


Good evening meine Freunde

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Some of you might have read the news I reported here a few weeks about the publishing troubles with, friend of the blog, Dwight L. MacPherson’s collected edition of Dead Men Tell No Tales. Well, it seems that Archane publishing received enough pre-orders of the book that they are now able to go ahead and print it. The book is highly recommended, so head down to your local store and reserve a copy, or hit up the online store of your preference.


In other news, there was a new installment of Lying in the Gutters out.

There is a little bit of interesting info in there this week. It seems that Joe Q turned up in London this week and invited many British comic creators out for drinks. I knew of this prior to Rich’s posting it, mostly from Si Spurrier and Frazer Irving’s drunken Facebook chatting.

It seems Jim Shooter is back writing Legion of Superheroes again, after Rich reported he had quit the title due to creative differences. I’m not certain he was ever actually off the title, as Rich is the one who originally reported the story after Shooter’s no show at the Bristol Expo. Who knows!

The most annoying piece of news affects Alan Moore fans like me Fans waited a long time for the publication of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier to be published, but when it finally came out DC decided that much of the extra content that Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil had prepared for the release wasn’t feasible for the regular hardcover. DC then issued details for an over-priced ($100!) Absolute edition of the book, to include all the cut material. The details of this book have recently been changed though, and it seem that the script book has been cut, and now the LP record that was to accompany it has been Nixed. The rumour is that DC were worried that it bore resemblance to an existing, copywrited track. I expect Mr. Moore will not be happy about this accusation, especially considering the court case he had to appear at a few years ago to defend his original LoEG series. This case came up because someone accused WB of ripping off the LoEG movie plot from their pre-existing work. I might try to get some more info on this matter from my contacts. Wow, look at me!

Who else out there can’t wait till LoEG 3 is released by Top Shelf? Their collected release of Lost Girls was so wonderful, I hope that LoEG 3 gets a similarly fantastic treatment.

My Body is Full of Pain!

Right, I am going to go and put some ointment on my cuts and scratches. I got hit by a car on my way home from work today. I take a bike trail home from work, which crosses over several country roads. I always slow down when I cross a road, and I check both ways before proceeding. Today though, a car came at about 50 MPH round a blind corner, as I began to cross out. The car clipped my front tire and threw me about 2 meters through the air. Luckily I escaped with only cuts and bruises, I guess it could have been a lot worst, all things considered.

Night all!

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2 Responses to “Dead Men Tell No Tales + LITG + My Body is Full of Pain!”
  1. atomicker says:

    Holy moley! You left the most important bit until the end! I hope you really are OK… you should get checked out by a doctor ASAP. Then get fitted for a neck-brace (whether you need one or not), start walking with a cane (I hear juries like canes) and get a really savage lawyer to sue the driver into oblivion. Good times!

  2. Edward Kaye says:

    Thanks Glen,

    I took Thursday off work, and went to the doctors. He checked me over, and reckons that there is no permanent damage. He tld me to take it easy, and gave me painkillers. It’s just a bunch of bruises, cuts and scrapes.

    I had to go to a wedding anniversary in Salmon Arm this weekend. So, I am now in a hotel in Kamloops. The Doc said to go swimming, so I just did a bit on drunked midnight swimming. The slide was freaking awesome!

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