From the press release: HERO: 9 TO 5 — OUT NOW FROM MARKOSIA ENTERPRISES! UK Indie publisher releases original graphic novel! MARKOSIA ENTERPRISES is pleased to announce the release of HERO: 9 to 5, a 100 page original graphic novel written by Ian Sharman (Alpha Gods, FTL, Eleventh Hour), with pencils by David Gray and colours by Yel [...]

Hero 9 to 5 is an original graphic novel, written by Ian Sharman (Alpha Gods, Eleventh Hour) with art by David Gray, and colours by Yel Zamor. Released in October from AAM/Markosia, you can order Hero: 9 to 5 from your local comic shop now, with the Diamond Previews order code of AUG10 0726. Here’s [...]

From the press release: Welcome to a world where being a super hero is just another job. A world where only the rich can afford the comprehensive hero protection policies that ensure that the best heroes will come to their aid in an emergency. The poor, however, have to make-do with protection from government sponsored [...]