Columbia Pictures officially announced today that the title of the next Spider-Man film will be “The Amazing Spider-Man.” The studio also revealed the first official photo of of Andrew Garfield dressed in the full Spider-Man costume and mask. I have to say, the costume show in the official studio pictures seems a lot grittier than [...]

New pictures have recently surfaced from the set of the upcoming Spider-Man reboot movie, which appear to show Spidey… erm… rubbing his crotch in a guy’s face? I’m not entirely sure what is going on here, but that guy doesn’t look too happy about it! The new movie is directed by Marc Webb, and is [...]

Courtesy of On Location News and Superherohype come new close-up shots of Andrew Garfield, in action as Spider-Man, from the LA set of Marc Webb’s Upcoming Spider-Man series reboot. I have posted what I think are the best three pictures, below. Superherohype also have a bunch showing Garfield hanging around in the down time between [...]

MTV’s Splashpage blog has a new image of Andrew Garfield in Full Spider-Man Costume, from the Los Angeles set of Sony’s upcoming reboot/requel of the “Spider-Man “movie franchise. I have to say, the costume looks a lot more cartoony in this shot than the previously released image. I kind of liked the darker look of [...]

The first official photo of Andrew Garfield dressed in a newly redesigned Spider-Man costume was revealed today, on the Facebook page of the upcoming Spider-Man movie requel (new word, don’t you LOVE it!). The new movie is directed by Marc Webb, and is set to reboot the Spider-Man movie franchise with a much younger Peter [...]