2000 AD to Release a Free Comic Book Day 2011 Title!


Whoa! I clearly wasn’t paying attention earlier this week, when I posted the list of Free Comic Book Day 2011 Silver titles. If I was, I would have noticed that there was a 2000 AD title in the list! I believe this may very well be the first time that 2000 AD have participated in the Free Comic Book Day event, and it’s most likely tied into their recent US Market graphic novel launch.

It’s a pretty great idea, and a nice way to introduce new readers to all that 2000 AD has to offer, especially beyond the realms of Judge Dredd. Indeed, the special is set to spotlight not only a Dredd tale, but also Sláine, Kingdom, Shakara, and Zombo! These stories will feature writing and artwork by such comics luminaries as John Wagner, Pat Mills, Robbie Morrison, Dan Abnett, Kevin O’Neill, Cling Langley, Richard Elson, Henry Flint, Al Ewing, and Val Seimiks!

So, when you talk to you comic shop retailer about Free Comic Book Day 2011, make sure that you mention how much you want to pick up this sample of the Galaxy’s greatest comic!

2000 AD

(W/A) Various
2000 AD
is Britain’s cult sci-fi weekly comic which has been at the cutting edge of contemporary pop culture since 1977. It’s a multi-award winning sci-fi anthology featuring Imaginative, hard-hitting stories and eye-popping art, which have made 2000 AD essential reading. Together with monthly sister publication The Judge Dredd Megazine, 2000 AD has produced some of the biggest names working in the comics industry today, including Alan Moore, Brian Bolland, Kevin O’Neill, Charlie Adlard, and Mark Millar.

Pages: 32, FC

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