This morning, DC Comics announced another five titles from their line-wide Universe reboot (see here). The titles announced this morning all involve teenage or young heroes. Four of the books are team books, including Legion of Superheroes, Legion Lost, Teen Titans, and Hawk & Dove. The one solo book announced was Static Shock. You can [...]

Over on the DCU blog, it has been announced that Phil Jimenez has signed an exclusive contract with DC Comics. His contracted time with the publisher will see him drawing and co-plotting an arc of Adventure Comics, starring the Legion Academy, featuring characters that he helped to create, along with co-plotter and scripter, Paul Levitz. [...]

DC Comics have revealed Yildiray Cinar’s cover for Legion of Superheroes #1. The cover features a clenched fist, upon which can be seen both a Legion flight ring, and a Green Lantern ring. Legion of Superheroes will debut in May 2010, and will be written by Paul Levitz, with artwork from Yildiray Cinar. For more [...]

DC today announced that this May will bring a new Legion of Super-Heroes series, which will be written by Paul Levitz, and feature artwork from Yildiray Cinar. Readers were already expecting to see Levitz writing the Legion again, as this was announced when he stepped down as DC Publisher, however, it was announced at that [...]

In case you missed it, see here, earlier today Warner Bros. decided to create a new company called DC Entertainment, to be run by Diane Nelson, and then folded DC Comics into this new company, causing Paul Levitz to step down as DC Comics President & Publisher. Personally, I think it is very upsetting that [...]

This morning (while I was sleeping - sleep being the enemy of catching news stories) there were a huge amount of announcements made on DC’s The Source blog. It seems that Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. has created a new company called DC Entertainment Inc., which was founded to fully realize the power and value of [...]