Apparently, it’s a year today since Marvel released Amazing Spider-Man #583, that famous issue of the series that featured an appearance from Barack Obama. I already knew that the issue was the best-selling comic of the last year (see here for the Top 500 comics of 2009), but according to Marvel, it was also the [...]

Zuda Comics is a web imprint of DC Comics. Every month Zuda holds a competition where creators are invited to submit an eight-page strip, to be voted on by readers of the website. At the end of the competition period, the comic which wins the popular vote becomes a new ongoing series, and the creators [...]

The Battle Between the Lantern Corps and the Black Lanterns Sent DC Comics to the Top of September’s Sales Charts With Blackest Night #3 If you are not familiar with how Diamond’s sales figures, these numbers are based on the amount of units shipping out from Diamond’s warehouses to their network of over 4,000 accounts, [...]

In case you missed it, see here, earlier today Warner Bros. decided to create a new company called DC Entertainment, to be run by Diane Nelson, and then folded DC Comics into this new company, causing Paul Levitz to step down as DC Comics President & Publisher. Personally, I think it is very upsetting that [...]

For a few months now Marvel have been sending me teaser images and covers from the upcoming Punisher: The List event. I didn’t bother to post these individually, but now I’ve decided to have a bit of fun with it… Blurb: Dark Reign The List brings the most dramatic changes ever to Punisher! Dark Wolverine [...]

Well, Marvel sent out a press release yesterday revealing that Steve Rogers is set to return to the Marvel Universe in their upcoming Captain America: Reborn series. I blogged about this because this is a comic book blog, it’s kind of what I do. However, I was incredibly surprised to see the amount of attention [...]

Image comics have been sending around a press release promoting a special 100-page landmark 150th issue of Erik Larson’s Savage Dragon. It doesn’t mention it anywhere in the solicitation, but the cover of Savage Dragon # 150 seems to feature someone who looks remarkably like Alpha Lantern Boodikka of the Green Lantern Corps. Is this [...]