IDW Solicitations for June 2011


30 Days of Night: Night, Again #2 (of 4)
Joe Lansdale (w) • Sam Kieth (a & c)
After a strange party of half-starved wanderers make their way to the weather-changing station, it is soon learned they they’ve created their own bloody swath across the icy wastelands of the Antarctic while being pursued by rabid vampires. Meanwhile, what secret does the WWII torpedo discovered in the ice hide, and why is there something knocking on the inside of it?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99


30 Days of Night Prestige Edition
Steve Niles (w) • Ben Templesmith (a & c)
In a sleepy, secluded Alaska town called Barrow, the sun sets and doesn’t rise for over thirty consecutive days and nights. From the darkness, across the frozen wasteland, an evil will come that will bring the residents of Barrow to their knees. The only hope for the town is the Sheriff and Deputy, husband and wife who are torn between their own survival and saving the town they love.
HC • FC • $50.00 • 104 Pages • 9” x 13.5” • ISBN: 978-1-60010-956-0
• Niles and Templesmith’s horror phenomenon gets new life in this oversize edition!


100 Penny Press: John Byrne’s Next Men #1
John Byrne (w & a & c)
As John Byrne’s return to the fan-favorite John Byrne’s Next Men continues, you can also see where it all began for just one more buck as we proudly represent the original issue of JBNM from 1994!
FC • 32 pages • $1.00




100 Penny Press: Transformers Classics #1
Bill Mantlo, Ralph Macchio (w) • Frank Springer, Kim DeMulder (a) • Bill Sienkiewicz (c)
Check out where it all started, before it was the massive movie-spawning franchise it is today! After saving their own world from a celestial catastrophe, the Autobots and Decepticons have crashed landed on Earth. Each side sets out to explore their new surroundings, seeking resources and, possibly, allies. Don’t miss the issue that started it all!
FC • 32 pages • $1.00
*Check out our massive list of Transformers books being offered again in 2 pages!



Angel, Vol. 3: The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart
David Tischman, Mariah Huehner, Brian Lynch, Jeff Mariotte, Scott Tipton, Peter David, Chris Ryall (w) • Elena Casagrande, Jason Armstrong, Stephen Mooney, Franco Urru, David Messina (a) • Jenny Frison (c)
IDW’s final arc of Angel is an epic, bittersweet last stand to save the city Angel loves. Ripped from the “now” into the far future, Angel discovers that if he doesn’t stop James or “Myr,” the not-angel, Los Angeles ends up as a Blade Runner-y disaster of demon breeding farms and war. His ally in this stark world is Wolfram & Hart, who he knows better than to trust. Yet, it’s clear that some things are worse than the Apocalypse. Maybe.
Bonus: Includes the special Angel: Yearbook stories by the series fan favorite writers and artists.
HC • FC • $24.99 • 204 Pages • 6.625” x 10.187” • ISBN: 978-1-60010-944-7
The compelling finale to IDW’s Angel!

Archie: Americana Vol. 1: The ’40s
Various (w) • Various (a) • Bob Montana (c)
In 1941, Pep Comics introduced Archie Andrews, “American’s newest boyfriend.” Since then, Archie and his teenage friends have entertained young and old alike with the hilarious misadventures. Filled with outrageous tales of dating woes, high school hijinx and slapstick mayhem, it wasn’t long before Archie became known as “the Mirth of the Nation.” Now, IDW Publishing combines both “Best of the Forties” Americana series books into one must-have collection!
HC • FC • $24.99 • 216 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-931-7
• Celebrate our great nation with one of the greatest characters in the nation: Archie!

Dean Mullaney (w) • Milton Caniff (a & c)
Produced with full access to Caniff’s extensive personal archives at The Ohio State University, and with the cooperation of the Caniff estate, this oversized book reproduces from the original artwork hundreds of comics, illustrations, pencil sketches, and drawings—including many not previously reprinted. In addition to the three famous comic strips, represented are his childhood drawings, the beginnings of his career as a newspaper cartoonist, his significant contributions to the 1940s war effort, as well as his continuing relationship with the Air Force, Boy Scouts, and other organizations.
HC • FC • $49.99 • 360 Pages • 11” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-60010-920-1
Another impressive volume from the team that brought you Scorchy Smith and the Art of Noel Sickles.
An in-depth look at the Rembrant of the Comic Strip!

Cobra #2
Mike Costa (w) • Antonio Fuso (a) • Zach Howard, Fuso (c)
The Cobra Civil War marches on, as Serpentor makes moves behind the scenes to solidify his own position and manipulate the candidates to his own ends. Also, Blacklight goes on an adventure, and a Joe mission meets with cataclysmic failure. Costa and Fuso give the body count a serious spike.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.


Crysis # 1 (of 6)
Richard K. Morgan (w) • Peter Bergting (a & c)
From the lead writer of the Crysis 2 video game!Set in the world of the award-winning Crysis games comes the newest hit series from EA Comics!
Earth, 2020. United States Special Forces Major Laurence “Prophet” Barnes and the soldiers of Raptor Team thought their deployment on the Lingshan islands was a basic covert op against North Korean forces.  But they couldn’t be more wrong. What archaeologists awakened on the island had lain buried for millions of years, and was utterly hostile to human life.  Now an alien race are stirring, first contact has turned into humanity’s worst nightmare, and Prophet’s squad are the last remaining survivors.  Only one real question remains - can Prophet get his people off Lingshan alive, and back to civilization in time to warn the rest of the human race what’s on its way.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Written by multiple award-winning novelist Richard K. Morgan (Altered Carbon, Black Widow), lead writer on the Crysis 2 video game!

Art by international superstar artist Peter Bergting (Dungeons & Dragons: Black Sun)
Set between the events of Crysis and the new hit game Crysis 2!

Danger Girl Campbell Sketchbook
J. Scott Campbell (w & a & c)
A striking collection of sketches, preliminaries, layouts and designs by comics superstar, J. Scott Campbell. For an added bonus, a super-cool flipbook runs the length of the sketchbook, featuring a sexy Danger Girl shimmying and shaking! It’s sure to keep you flipping pages!
HC • PC • $19.99 • 64 Pages • 8” x 12” • ISBN: 978-1-60010-921-8
A beautiful hardcover collection that’s long sold out but finally back in print.



Deadworld Classics, Vol. 2
Gary Reed, Jack Herman, Vince Locke (w) • Vince Locke, Scott Parrish, Mark Bloodworth, James O’Barr, Paul Daly (a) • Locke (c)
Finally, the entire work of Vince Locke’s Deadworld compiled into two volumes. In this second volume, including issues #9–16, our young adventurers are rescued, not realizing they’re plunged into horrors they can’t possibly imagine. Joining Vince are Mark Bloodworth and The Crow’s James O’Barr, stepping in on ink chores as the Vince Locke issues conclude. The art gallery features some of Vince’s design work in t-shirts, ads, etc., plus the original series’s covers in ink before they were colored. With Deadworld signed for a feature film scripted by X-Men and Watchmen’s David Hayter, Deadworld has never been more “alive.”
TPB • BW • $24.99 • 272Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-925-6
See why From the Tomb magazine called Deadworld “amongst the most essential horror titles of the last twenty years.”

Doctor Who #6
Tony Lee (w) • Matthew Dow Smith (a) • Tommy Lee Edwards, photo (c)
When Worlds Collide: Part 1 of 3—Welcome to Multiworld! A fluctuating rift complex filled with every historical location possible! Be a cowboy! A Roman! A knight! But when a crash-landing Sontaran survey vessel merges the rifts, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory each find themselves in different worlds—and in peril! And where did the Sontarans go?
*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Ask your retailer how to get the rare variant cover by Matthew Dow Smith!

Doctor Who Classics: The Seventh Doctor #5
Grant Morrison, Dan Abnett (w) • Bryan Hitch, John Ridgway (a) • Robert Hack (c)
IDW’s newly recolored reprints of classics Doctor Who tales continue with the Seventh Doctor! Follow the Doctor’s adventures in “Culture Shock” and “Echoes of the Mogor” as only Grant Morrison & Bryan Hitch and Dan Abnett & John Ridgway can tell them! Features an all-new cover by Robert Hack and new colors by Charlie Kirchoff.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Classic stories by Grant Morrison & Bryan Hitch and Dan Abnett & John Ridgway!



Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life #3 (of 4)
Matt Sturges (w) • Kelly Yates (a) • Mark Buckingham (c)
What’s better: an ugly reality or beautiful fantasy? This is the question the Doctor is forced to confront in a medieval fantasy world where Amy finds herself reluctantly cast as a damsel in distress. Matt Sturges, Eisner Award-nominated writer of Jack of Fables, spins this yarn, featuring covers by Mark Buckingham of Miracleman and Fables fame.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99



Dungeons & Dragons #8
John Rogers (w) • Andrea Di Vito (a) • Tyler Walpole, Di Vito (c)
With the origin of Fell’s Four told, we catch up with our favorite band of adventurers as they find themselves stranded in the Feywild! Join us as John Rogers welcomes back regular series artist Andrea Di Vito to bring us the latest chapter in these thrilling adventures of swords and sorcery!
*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Series artist Andrea Di Vito returns!



Dungeons & Dragons, Vol. 1: Shadowplague
John Rogers (w) • Andrea Di Vito (a) • Wayne Reynolds (c)
Beginning a new era in Dungeons & Dragons history! The genre-defining roleplaying game gets its first ongoing series in years! Join writer John Rogers (Blue Beetle) and artist Andrea Di Vito (Annihilation) as they bring us a tale of high adventure and deep secrets. Adric Fell leads a band of heroes in a world where civilization has been reduced to a few scattered points of light amid a rising tide of shadows.
HC • FC • $24.99 • 132 Pages • 8.5” x 11.25” • ISBN: 978-1-60010-922-5
Written by John Rogers, Transformers screenwriter and co-creator of the hit TV show Leverage!

Extreme Facts
Matt Forbeck, Kris Oprisko (w) • Brian Miroglio, Tom B. Long (a) • Gabriel Rodriguez (c)
Prepare to have your mind blown… the book of Extreme Facts is here! IDW’s new amazing fact and record book is stuffed with incredible items on every subject under the sun, from exotic animals to the ancient world, rotating skyscrapers to deadly storms, freaky people to high tech gadgets. Besides the amazing items, there are Extreme Records and Youth Sports Records just begging for YOU to try to break. Who knows, you may show up in next year’s edition! Each and every item in this inaugural edition is illustrated by a photo or incredible artwork.
TPB • FC • $17.99 • 168 Pages • 8.5” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-60010-940-9
Features a special cover drawn by Locke & Key co-creator Gabriel Rodriguez!
Lavishly illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, Brian Miroglio, Marc Rueda, Sagar Forniés, Mariano Saura Copete, Albert Carreres, Guillermo Perez and more. Features a special cover drawn by Locke & Key co-creator Gabriel Rodriguez!
Extreme Records chapter includes unique and challengeable records that will appeal to readers of all ages looking to beat them. Get involved!

G.I. Joe: Volume 2 #2
Chuck Dixon (w) • Javier Saltares (a) • Tom Feister, Saltares (c)
Storm Shadow and Zartan invade The Pit! One can’t be killed and the other can’t be seen! At the same time, General Hawk and Dial-Tone are being stalked by an army of killers in our nation’s capital. They’re on the run with no one to trust. The Cobra Civil War is just getting started!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.


G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #167
Larry Hama (w) S L Gallant (a) Gallant, Herb Trimpe (c)
After last issue’s tremendous sea battle, the fight between G.I. Joe and Cobra cools down… literally! While the Baroness and Destro make their way to Scotland, G.I. Joe launches a new operation and heads to the cold to stave off a Cobra threat. Don’t miss the exciting adventures of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99



G.I. JOE: Cobra, Vol. 4: Death of Cobra Commander
Mike Costa and Christos N. Gage (w) • Antonio Fuso, S L Gallant, Chee (a) • Zach Howard (c)
Chuckles, a G.I. JOE agent that managed to infiltrate Cobra only to suffer at the hands of the sinister organization, was last seen in the custody of none other than Cobra Commander!  But is he a prisoner… or an honored guest? Can the man whose life was ruined by pretending to join Cobra have finally given in? Mike Costa, Christos N. Gage, and Antonio Fuso finally bring Chuckle’s story to a close in G.I. JOE: Cobra, Vol. 4, and not everyone is getting out alive. This is the G.I. JOE book that defines the future for IDW’s G.I. JOE series. Don’t miss it!
TPB • FC • 104 Pages • $17.99 • ISBN: 978-1-60010-988-1
The G.I. JOE story that everyone is talking about, finally collected in one volume!

Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths #1 (of 5)
John Layman (w) • Alberto Ponticelli (a) • Geof Darrow, Alberto Ponticelli (c)
Detective Makoto Sato is on an unrelenting quest to bring down the Takahashi crime syndicate. Sato’s efforts earn him a one-way trip to a tropical getaway, courtesy of the Tokyo criminal underworld. The exotic locale? MONSTER ISLAND! Alone and facing death at the hands of both gangsters and goliaths, Sato must use his wits to survive—and enlist the aid of some most unusual friends. Join superstar creators John Layman (Chew) and Alberto Ponticelli (Unknown Soldier) for this unusual and exciting miniseries!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 4-to-1 ratio (4 Geof Darrow, 1 Alberto Ponticelli cover)
Standalone Godzilla miniseries by Eisner-winning writer John Layman (Chew) and the acclaimed artist of The Unknown Soldier, Alberto Ponticelli!
Cover by Shaolin Cowboy creator Geof Darrow!

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #4
Eric Powell & Tracy Marsh (w) • Phil Hester (a) • Eric Powell, Jeff Zornow (c)
France is in danger when the mysterious egg that washes ashore begins to hatch, but should the military be worried about what’s inside the egg or those creepy kids who found it? Also, a community of monks has a religious experience of the 3-headed variety. And all the while, Godzilla seems hell-bent on coming to America…but hasn’t Anguirus already claimed it as his turf? Fight! Fight! Fight!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 4-to-1 ratio (4 Eric Powell, 1 Jeff Zornow cover)
Ask your retailer how to get a different character cover each issue. In this issue: Mothra!

That Hellbound Train #1 (of 3)
Robert Bloch, Joe and John Lansdale (w) • Dave Wachter (a) • Menton Matthews III (c)
Take a trip back in time on Robert Bloch’s That Hellbound Train! Join Martin, an out-of-luck orphan, as he struggles to fulfill the American dream. As Martin comes of age, fate conspires against him at every turn. On the verge of giving up hope, our young protagonist is visited by a monstrous train, one whose conductor might just have a ticket to fame and riches… if Martin is willing to pay the price! Scribes Joe and John Lansdale (30 Days of Night: Night, Again) and artist Dave Wachter bring this unique tale of American folklore to life!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Adapted from an original short story by Robert Bloch, the sci-fi and horror master who penned the screenplay for Psycho!
Adapted by Joe Lansdale, the famed genre writer behind Bubba Ho-Tep!

Hero Comics 2011
Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, John Layman, Richard Starkings, Steven Perry, Ralph Reese (w) • Mike Dringenberg, Sam Kieth, Rob Guillory, Chris Ivy, Stephen R. Bissette, Ralph Reese (a) • J. Scott Campbell, Adam Hughes
Hero Comics 2011 reunites the original Sandman creative team for the first time in more than 20 years! Gaiman, Kieth, Dringenberg, together again at last! This is BIG! This is THE BEATLES getting back together for one final album—this is an event that is not to be missed!
But that’s not all, we also have an exclusive CHEW short story by John Layman and Rob Guillory! Chew was one of the most honored and acclaimed books last year, taking the comics world by storm. Its meteoric rise included an Eisner Award for best new series of the year!
Plus, we’ve got a beauty of an ELEPHANTMAN story by Richard Starkings and Dougie Braithwaite!
Special bonus—Sam Kieth brings you a behind-the-scenes mini-memoir of how this Sandman-alum project came to be.
Plus true-to-life experiences from comics creators who have personally benefitted from the Hero Initiative!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

Infestation: Outbreak #1 (of 4)
Chris Ryall & Tom Waltz (w) • David Messina (a) • Messina, Davide Furno (c)
Spinning out of IDW’s acclaimed Infestation series! The zombie threat is over, but at great cost to CVO, who must pick up the pieces, rebuild the team, and figure out what lasting repercussions there are in a world where magic was forever changed. And a threat from beyond also brings in other familiar faces from across IDW’s developing universe!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.
Spins out of IDW’s acclaimed Infestation event!

Features characters from multiple IDW series, including some surprises

Jericho: Season Three
Dan Shotz, Robert Levine, Jason M. Burns, and Matthew Federman (w) • Alejandro F. Giraldo, Matt Merhoff (a) • Michael Stribling (c)
Continuing right where the Jericho Season Two television cliffhanger ended! Jake Green and Robert Hawkins are in the safe haven of Texas with the last remaining bomb from the first attack. From amidst the chaos they’re contacted by John Smith, the mastermind behind the first strike, seeking aid. As the Cheyenne army bears down on them, they must decide whether to side with their former enemy to fight a greater one…
TPB • FC • $19.99 • 140 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-9393
Find out what happened after the TV show left audiences hanging!

Jurassic Park: The Devils in the Desert
John Byrne (w & a & c)
He’s played in some of comics’ most loved universes, and made more than a few of his own. Now, industry legendary John Byrne brings his talents to a world where science and technology meet to bring beasts of the past back to life. We’re talking, of course, about Jurassic Park! And if you thought the dinos getting off the island was the worst that could happen, think again!
TPB • FC • $17.99 • 104 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-923-2
These deliciously devilish dinos are on new turf and ready to rumble!



Locke : Key: Clockworks #1 (of 6)
Joe Hill (w) • Gabriel Rodriguez (a & c)
Colonel Adam Crais’s minutemen are literally trapped between a rock and a hard place; in the first days of the Revolutionary War, they find themselves hiding beneath 120 feet of New England stone, with a full regiment of redcoats waiting for them in the daylight… and a door into hell in the cavern below. The black door is open, and it’s up to a 16-year-old smith named Ben Locke to find a way to close it. The biggest mysteries of the Locke & Key series are resolved as Clockworks opens, not with a bang, but with the thunderous crash of English cannons.
FC • $3.99 • 32 Pages
Only 12 issues of Locke & Key left!

Ask your retailer how to get a variant cover signed by Joe Hill or an original character drawing by Gabriel Rodriguez!

Locke & Key Vol. 4: Keys to the Kingdom HC
Joe Hill (w) Gabriel Rodriguez (a & c)
Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke & Key unwinds into its fourth volume in Keys to the Kingdom. With more keys making themselves known, and the depths of the Locke’s family’s mysteries ever-expanding, Dodge’s desperation to end his shadowy quest drives the habitants of Keyhouse ever closer to a revealing conclusion.
HC • FC • $24.99 • 160 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-886-0
FOX just wrapped up production on the pilot for the Locke & Key TV show!
“When it comes to telling a fantastic story, Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez have nailed it with Locke & Key.” —

Love and Capes: Ever After #5 (of 5)
Thom Zahler (w & a & c)
The last issue of Love and Capes: Ever After is also the final issue for one of the cast. Who dies? And what other changes are in store for our heroes? Join comicdom’s favorite super-couple in what’s possibly their darkest hour.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Ask your retailer how to get a rare variant cover by legendary Archie artist Stan Goldberg!


John Byrne’s Next Men #7
John Byrne (w & a & c)
The hunt is on! Can Bethany and her allies from the Future find Nathan, Jazz and Tony before the time stream is changed irreversibly? Or is that something that SHOULD happen? History itself hangs in the balance.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Rocketeer Adventures #2 (of 4)
Darwyn Cooke, Lowell Francis, Mark Waid (w) • Darwyn Cooke, Gene Ha, Chris Weston, Pinups by Geof Darrow (a) • Alex Ross, Dave Stevens (c)
This issue of ROCKETEER ADVENTURES continues to soar with a trio of stories crafted by masterful comics creators. Mark Waid and Chris Weston provide a pulse-pounding story of revenge set to a colorful backdrop of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge, Lowell Francis and Gene Ha put Cliff through his paces in an-all action extravaganza that has him fighting tooth and nail for his very survival—plus a special guest star! Finally, Darwyn Cooke delivers the goods (as always!) with a tale that we won’t say one word about—it’s too good to even hint at and ruin the surprise! Plus, a pair of pin-ups, BOTH by Geof Darrow—his incredible piece was just too massive to be held to the confines of a single page, so he’s supplying a gorgeous TWO-PAGE pin-up!
*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 4-to-1 ratio (4 Alex Ross, 1 Dave Stevens sketch cover)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Something Monstrous!
Steve Niles and R.H. Stavis (w) • Stephanie Buscema (a & c)
An all-new, standalone graphic novel! There’s something killing off the old folks of the usually quiet little town of Hope Falls…. something very angry with a score to settle… When Alexis Conner arrives to bail her sobering brother, Cody, out of jail, they soon discover their own father has fallen victim to its rage and Cody has become the prime suspect! Written by horror master Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and R. H. Stavis, and illustrated by Stephanie Buscema.
TPB • FC • $17.99 • 104 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-928-7
All-new, standalone graphic novel adventure from Steve Niles and Stephanie Buscema!
30 Days of Night, written by Steve Niles, is the best-selling horror graphic novel of all time.Niles is an Eisner- nominated writer and received a Spike TV 2007 Scream Award for his work.

Spike #1 Con Exclusive
Brian Lynch (w) • Franco Urru (a & c)
This special edition of issue #1 of the final Lynch/Urru Spike series was previously only available at the 2010 Comic-Con. Now it can be yours no matter where you’re located! Features a special “evolution of Spike” cover available nowhere else til now!
FC • 32 pages • $4.00 net price

Spike 100-Page Spectacular
Brian Lynch, Scott Tipton, Peter David (w) • Franco Urru, Fernando Goni (a) • Urru (c)
Ready to drown your sorrows over Spike’s departure? Wait! This specially priced comic re-presents some of the best Spike stories in IDW’s tenure, from the very first Spike story we produced to his own story in After the Fall.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Suicide Forest
El Torres (w) • Gabriel Hernandez (a) • El Torres (c)
The legend of the Aokigahara forest (which lies just outside of Tokyo) says that those who have committed suicide in the massive wilderness are cursed to have their souls trapped within its very roots. Unfortunately for Alan, his girlfriend, Masami, committed her suicide there and she’s now on a vengeful mission to ruin his life!
TPB • FC • $17.99 • 104 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-947-8
From the creative team that brought you The Veil!

Suicide Girls #4 (of 4)
Brea Grant, Steve Niles (w) • David Hahn & Cameron Stewart (a) • Cameron Stewart (c)
In the bombastic finale to this 4-part series, the Suicide Girls have to take down Way of Life, find Xenia, and rescue the other kidnapped SG’s. Can Sana trust Frank, or is she the traitor in their midst?
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

The Cape: Legacy Edition
Joe Hill (w) • Zach Howard (a & c)
This special “Legacy Edition” reprint of the acclaimed, sold-out one-shot also contains the original prose story from which this was adapted, by writer Joe Hill, and marked up with writer Jason Ciaramella’s notes. And it leads directly into next month’s all-new The Cape miniseries!
FC • 48 pages • $5.99
Definitely NOT based on any TV show, this is the adaptation of Joe Hill’s beloved short story from 20th Century Ghosts!
Leads directly into an all-new The Cape miniseries by the same creative team!

Transformers # 20
Mike Costa (w) • Guido Guidi (a) • Marcelo Matere, Guido Guidi (c)
Through a series of misunderstandings, Rodimus and his two strange new partners arrive on a planet we haven’t visited in a long time, and meet a few other ‘bots everyone thought were lost forever. Those are a lot of vague words, because this issue has a TON of surprises. Check them out in SPACE OPERA Part 2.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.
Prelude to TRANSFORMERS: CHAOS! It all starts here!

Art by fan-favorite Guido Guidi!

Transformers 3: Movie Adaptation #1 (of 4)
John Barber (w) • Jorge Jimenez Moreno (a & c)
TRANSFORMERS 3: DARK OF THE MOON is geared up to be the biggest blockbuster of the decade, and this beautifully illustrated adaptation of the story is the best place to live and re-live the adventure! Join your favorite heroes: OPTIMUS PRIME and BUMBLEBEE as they face off against the most wretched villains: MEGATRON and STARSCREAM and thrill at the new adventure that will have people talking for years to come!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers 3: Movie Adaptation #2 (of 4)
John Barber (w) • Jorge Jimenez Moreno (a & c)
The adventure continues as the TRANSFORMERS 3: DARK OF THE MOON adaptation throttles on!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers 3: Movie Adaptation #3 (of 4)
John Barber (w) • Jorge Jimenez Moreno (a & c)
The adventure continues as the TRANSFORMERS 3: DARK OF THE MOON adaptation throttles on!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers 3: Movie Adaptation #4 (of 4)
John Barber (w) • Jorge Jimenez Moreno (a & c)
The adventure concludes as the TRANSFORMERS 3: DARK OF THE MOON adaptation reaches its thrilling finale!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers Classics, Vol. 1
Bob Budiansky, Bill Mantlo, Ralph Macchio, Jim Salicrup (w) • Frank Springer, Alan Kupperberg, William Johnson, Mike Manley, Ricardo Villamonte, Herb Trimpe, Don Perlin (a) • Guido Guidi (c)
Relive the original Transformers stories that started it all—now re-mastered and re-presented! Pulling from the original ’80s Marvel material, this first volume offers some of the most beloved stories from TRANSFORMERS’ history, including the seminal “Car Wash of Doom,” “Crater Critters,” “Warrior School!” and many others in their entirety.
TPB • FC • $24.99 • 276 Pages • ISBN: 978-1-60010-935-5
Now re-mastered and re-collected!

Transformers: The Complete All Hail Megatron
Shane McCarthy, Simon Furman, Andy Schmidt, Nick Roche, Mike Costa, Josh Van Rekk, Shaun Knowler (w) • Guido Guidi, Casey Coller, E.J Su, Robert Deas, Emiliano Santalucia, Don Figueroa, Andrew Griffith, Nick Roche, Robbie Musso, Marcelo Matere (a) • Trevor Hutchison (c)
The DECEPTICONS have won, the AUTOBOTS are defeated, and the time for conquest is at hand! After finally succeeding in defeating the AUTOBOTS, the DECEPTICONS set about ruling our planet with an iron fist. Their forces invade and control New York City where, before long, they manage to cripple the United States. It’s a war between the armed forces of the United States of America and a giant species of technologically advanced killing machines—a war that suddenly becomes incredibly one-sided! That is, unless the AUTOBOTS can muster their ranks and come to humanity’s aid. But the way things are going on Earth, nothing short of a miracle will save the planet from utter extinction!
HC • FC • $75.00 • 492 Pages • 7×11 • ISBN: 978-1-60010-955-3
This special edition collects the entire four-volume series!
Book designed by and featuring new cover art from Trevor Hutchison.

Transformers Prime, Vol. 3
Joseph Kuhr (w) • Various (a & c)
Trouble between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS continues as both sides find themselves in old situations but on new turf. Can OPTIMUS PRIME and his team disrupt the destructive plans that MEGATRON is about to unleash upon Earth?
TPB • FC • $7.99 • 104 Pages • 5” x 7” • ISBN: 978-1-60010-960-7
• TRANSFORMERS action jumps from the TV to the comics page!

Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars #2 (of 4)
Beau Smith (w) • Enrique Villagran (a & c)
The tale of Wynonna Earp during the Yeti Wars is brought to the comics page in this four-part series by master storyteller and Wynonna Earp creator Beau Smith, with art and covers by Enrique Villigran.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Zombies vs Robots: UnderCity #3 (of 4)
Chris Ryall (w) • Mark Torres (a) • Torres, Garry Brown (c)
Meanwhile, also spun out of Infestation, in Dimension Z… as happens in the ZvR world, everything is going wrong: zombies in UnderCity, Reverend Ironwood and his Godbots kick-starting the rapture with heavy armament; and now, under UnderCity lurks the greatest threat to the Zombies vs Robot universe… molemen!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

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