From the press release: The latest biography comic offering from Bluewater Productions, “Female Force: Rosie O’Donnell” has sold out in one day after its release from the distributor. This extends its record to 10-biography comic book titles sold out in the past six months. Stores that ordered the comic book might have it in stock. [...]

Oh God! Such a douche! From the press release: GREEN LANTERN’S “SECRET IDENTITY” RYAN REYNOLDS POWERS OWN COMIC BOOK BIO Catapulted from obscure roles and modest television credits to one of Hollywood’s reigning male “A” list stars, Ryan Reynolds is making a star turn in an upcoming Bluewater Productions biography comic book based on his [...]

From the press release: AYN RAND’S ENDURING IMPACT CENTERPIECE OF NEW FEMALE FORCE BIOGRAPHY COMIC As her philosophies continue to resonate in modern political thought and academic debate, Any Rand’s enduring impact serves as the centerpiece for an upcoming biography comic book from Bluewater Productions featuring her life and legacy. “Female Force: Ayn Rand,” scheduled [...]

From the press release: His name is synonymous with rock and roll…to many he is simply “The King.” And even 34 years after his death, Elvis Presley’s life and music still enthrall millions. Now his biography and enduring legacy are celebrated in a graphic novel set to hit shelves on March 30th. “The Elvis Presley [...]

What is this? Every week I like to pull apart Diamond’s confirmed shipping list for the week, and create a list of all of the creator-owned titles that will be arriving in stores that Wednesday. I then use the magic of Flash to pull the details on the books from, and hey presto! Why? [...]

From the press release: He found our collective boogeymen in the shape of clowns, dogs, haunted hotels and cars. Author Stephen King, the best-selling master of horror who has terrified a generation with his nightmarish imagination, helps give voice to his own tale in a special edition of Bluewater Productions’ latest biography comic title “Orbit.” [...]

Oh, Bluewater! This is most definitely not #winning From the press release: He may not have been bitten by a radioactive spider or escaped a dying planet, but with recent “admissions,” of having “tiger blood and Adonis DNA,” actor and recently ubiquitous bad boy Charlie Sheen has the makings of a comic book character. So [...]

From the press release: ROSIE O’DONNELL’S CONTROVERSIAL LIFE HITS THE COMIC PAGES She went from the “Queen of Nice” to the “Queen of Mean”. She’s hosted her own TV show and appeared in big-budget movies. Today she boasts her own radio show. It’s been quite a life, so far, for comic, actress and talk show [...]

From the press release: Bluewater Brings Glenn Beck’s Success Story to Comics From his roots as a teen disc jockey to his position of influence today, Glenn Beck has taken an amazing journey through the world of the mass media. As a commentator and host on FOX News Channel and as the broadcaster behind his [...]

From the press release: Movie star. Defender of human rights. Tireless mother. Tabloid fodder. All of these describe Angelina Jolie. Yet not one of them paints a complete picture of this talented and often controversial actress. Independent comics company Bluewater Productions will do its part to fill in the blanks surrounding Jolie’s life when the [...]