Bluewater Does a Glenn Beck Biog Comic


From the press release:

Bluewater Brings Glenn Beck’s Success Story to Comics

From his roots as a teen disc jockey to his position of influence today, Glenn Beck has taken an amazing journey through the world of the mass media. As a commentator and host on FOX News Channel and as the broadcaster behind his own nationally syndicated talk-radio show, Beck has become a leading voice of the country’s Conservative and Evangelical movements.

Now Beck is taking yet another leap: He’s set to star in his won biography comic from independent comics company Bluewater Productions.

Political Power: Glenn Beck will hit comic shops and online retailers in February. The 32-page comic retails for $3.99.

Jerome Maida, a frequent author of Bluewater’s bio comics, wrote the script for Political Power: Glenn Beck. Mark Sparacio, a veteran artist who has worked with both Marvel Comics and DC Comics, provided the cover art for this comic. The interior art is being done by Aleksandar Bozic who also worked on the “Political Power: Bill O’Reilly” comic book.

Maida said that Beck was an “irresistible figure to write”.

“We all know how successful, powerful and influential he is today. What I was interested in was what made him that way”, said Maida. “Here is someone who was so supremely talented he was working in radio and winning fans since he was 13. At the same time, he has had a very troubled and tragic life. So it was fascinating detailing how he overcame that to get to where he is today.”

“It’s not a typical sad story because in the end the bio reveals that the prevailing theme in Glenn’s life is redemption. Which I feel those on either side of the political aisle will find compelling”, said Maida.

Bluewater president and founder Darren Davis said that Beck is the perfect subject for a comic biography: He’s a figure who’s risen from obscurity to challenge such talk-show icons as Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly for media supremacy.

“We try to focus on figures that bring out a lot of passion for our biographies,” Davis said. “Glenn Beck certainly does that. Whether you like his politics or you find them reprehensible, you most certainly have an opinion about him. I’m sure a lot of readers will want to know how the Glenn Beck surge got its start. This comic will show them.”

Bluewater’s biography comics have been covered by such mainstream media outlets as the Washington Post, New York Times and Forbes Magazine. By covering such celebrities and political leaders as Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Palin and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Bluewater is bringing new readers to the comics world.

The company produces three lines of biography comics: Female Force, Political Power and Fame. Each line has produced comics that have sold out of their original runs at a time in which independent comics companies are struggling to gain an audience.

To pre-order the “Political Power: Glenn Beck” comic go to your local comic book store or you can order it online at TFAW here

In stores in January is “Political Power: Bill O’Reilly” and can be pre-ordered here:

Bluewater also produces a wide range of fiction titles, everything from superhero stories to horror, young-adult and science fiction titles.

For more information about Bluewater, visit the company’s Web site at

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