From the press release: Laurel Springs, NJ: Webcomic creator, Tony DiGerolamo, has announced a new webcomic on The Webcomic Factory website: Pin Junkies. Centered around bowlers, this is the second sports-related webcomic on the site. “I was a bowler for many years. From about 8 until 18, I bowled in a league every Saturday,” says [...]

From the press release: Turbo Defiant Kimecan, an online graphic novel since January 2010, is now joined by editor Joe Keatinge as it prepares to make the leap from digital to print later on this year. Joe Keatinge is best known for his editorial work on the Eisner and Harvey award-winning anthology, PopGun with co-editors [...]

From the press release: Donna Barr’s Interactive Webcomic “A LITTLE DEATH” That is the question artist Donna Barr (The Desert Peach, Stinz, Bosom Enemies, Hader and the Colonel, Afterdead) wants readers to answer. A LITTLE DEATH is an ongoing comic project where Donna illustrates her favorite entries, as sent in by readers worldwide. All comers can submit their few [...]

Hey all! Make sure you check this out, it’s written by K. Patrick Glover, who used to write a column for this site! From the press release: Weaponizer is proud to announce the launch of its second and newest serialized graphic series, A Wicked Little Town, written by K. Patrick Glover with art by Keith [...]

From the press release: CALLING ALL ARTISTS GOOD AND BAD! We don’t discriminate, we appreciate! How would YOU like to WIN $500.02 and a case of BEER? That’s one ridiculously AWESOME PRIZE. This contest has been put together by Septagon Studios to celebrate the release of their long awaited Kick Ass comic project written [...]

On Monday, fantastically talented British cartoonist Jamie Smart debuted his brand spanking new webcomic: Corporate Skull! I’ve been meaning to post a note to tell people to go and read it, but better late than never. So far, Jamie has posted twelve pages of the strip, and it absolutely brilliant! I have to say, he’s [...]

Dark Horse comics have revealed the full-color cover to the highly anticipated Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth #2. I only recently discovered this series, and after reading just one page, I knew that this was my new favourite comic! It’s written by a six year old (5 when the strip started), and illustrated by his [...]

OK, I’m a couple of days behind on this one, but one of my favourite webcomics has returned for a second series! Lilly Mackenzie first appeared in  Lilly Mackenzie & the Mines of Charybdis,which debuted almost 4 years ago, on the popular webcomic hub The series was then serialized in monthly installments in the [...]

Ana Chronistic is a science-fiction comic series written by Matthew McLean, with artwork by Dexter Wee. At this time Ana Chronistic is an unpublished work, but Matthew McLean is regularly posting pages from the project on his website at So far he has posted the first one and a half issues of the series, [...]

K. Patrick Glover, is a regular contributor to Hypergeek, and writes the weekly ‘Four Color Memories’ column, about comic book nostalgia. Together with Amanda Hayes, Kevin recently launched the webcomic The Invisible Skein, a story that centers around the theme of conspiracy theories and urban legends, featuring the characters Robert “Digger” Deveraux, an ex-FBI agent, [...]