Donna Barr’s Interactive Webcomic ‘A Little Death’ Launches


From the press release:

Donna Barr’s Interactive Webcomic

Donna Barr's A Little Death Interactive Webcomic

That is the question artist Donna Barr (The Desert PeachStinz, Bosom Enemies, Hader and the Colonel, Afterdead) wants readers to answer.

A LITTLE DEATH is an ongoing comic project where Donna illustrates her favorite entries, as sent in by readers worldwide.

All comers can submit their few introspective lines about how they think they’ll die, want to die, or DON’T want to die.  The best of these will be illustrated as part of the project.  This could be as a pin-up, a page of sequentials, a full-page or double-page spread, or whatever crazy layout Donna is inspired to make.

If chosen to be illustrated, the reader will appear with a new name, occupation, age, color, gender, etc., so they can rest easy that the final work of art will keep them completely anonymous.

A LITTLE DEATH launched on April 4th, 2011 with a three-times-a-week Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule.  All illustrations are posted both in black-and-white and also full-color editions.  There is additionally a digital FLIP BOOK on the site, where all posted pages can be read in sequence (almost) as easy as flipping pages in a physical book!

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