The Webcomic Factory Announces the Premiere of ‘Pin Junkies’!


From the press release:

Laurel Springs, NJ: Webcomic creator, Tony DiGerolamo, has announced a new webcomic on The Webcomic Factory website: Pin Junkies. Centered around bowlers, this is the second sports-related webcomic on the site.

“I was a bowler for many years. From about 8 until 18, I bowled in a league every Saturday,” says DiGerolamo. “I loved it. It’s the only sport where you can eat and play video games at the same time! My wife and I recently visited a bowling alley and the memories came flooding back.”

Pin Junkies is drawn by Nick Justus, another New Jersey native. “Nick came up with this red, white and blue color scheme to give the comic a distinct look,” says DiGerolamo. “I think it goes great with bowling because bowling alleys have always been very much a part of Americana. The story will have elements of a straight three panel strip and the feel of the bowling scenes from The Big Lebowski.”

You can check out Pin Junkies every Monday on the Webcomic Factory starting June 20th.

The Webcomic Factory link:

Pin Junkies #1 link:

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