Robot Comics Releases its First Webcomic App with Yellow Peril


Yellow Peril cover

Robot Comics has released its first webcomic app, Yellow Peril featuring the office romance comedy webcomic by Jamie Noguchi (Erfworld)!

Yellow Peril is a rarity: a sitcom starring an Asian American.  Robot Comics’ webcomic app collects the entire series with regular updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday coinciding with online syndication.


Yellow Peril is now available on for free download on the iTunes storefront.

Available on the iPhone  App  Store

Yellow Peril is coming soon to Android.


Graphic designers Kane and Bodie try to stay sane while working at creative factory Pedanticorp, a task which becomes increasingly difficult with the arrival of the new Art Director and corporate clone, Steve, who has a passion for unbillable meetings and enforcing the dress code.

Joined by nearby restaurant owner Julie and new project manager Ally, these four friends will deal with the ever unreliable metro, fermented soy beans, impossible deadlines, incomprehensible client specs, and the emerging feelings between each other.


Yellow Peril is a free app which includes all the following features:

  • LATEST: read the latest strips directly from your mobile.
  • ARCHIVE: catch-up with all the completed story-arcs without the need of an Internet connection.
  • CAST PROFILES: the only webcomic that tells you the blood type of its characters!
  • COMMENTS: pick your favorite character as your avatar and discuss the latest strips with the YELLOW PERIL mobile community.
  • SETTINGS: customize the viewer controls and the strip transition.


About Jamie Noguchi

Jamie worked as a professional comic colorist with UDON Entertainment working on series such as Spider-Girl, Battle of the Planets, a Battle of the Planets Thundercats crossover illustrated by Kaare Andrews, iCandy for DC, and an early Conan collection for Dark Horse.

He then began the webcomic Angry Zen Master which is now a terrifying blog of randomness.  After a year of doing AZM as a webcomic, Jamie put it on indefinite hiatus so he could work on Erfworld with Rob “freaking” Balder.  He worked with Rob on Book 1: The Battle for Gobwin Knob for about three years until it was complete.  He then  bowed out of Erfworld to begin Yellow Peril.

About Robot Comics

Robot Comics publishes mobile comics for all Android devices, and also iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Nintendo DSi and the Amazon Kindle. It is one of first and few mobile comic publishers who offer titles specifically designed and formatted to be read on mobile devices.

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