Live from the DMZ - Now Broadcasting!


Ohh, what a good idea for a website! I absolutely love DMZ! :

Eisner Nominated Writer Brian Wood is one of the most important creative voices of the last decade. Published by DC/Vertigo, DMZ is the tumultuous Second American Civil War epic and represents his longest running series to date. It was hailed as “equal parts compelling drama and cautionary tale” by the San Francisco Chronicle. Fans of the series are as conflicted as the events it depicts; they celebrate and lament the countdown to final issue #72, scheduled for publication in December of 2011.

To commemorate this politically charged powerhouse which has hosted some of the industry’s most talented artists, such as Riccardo Burchielli, Nathan Fox, and Ryan Kelly, the dedicated site LIVE FROM THE DMZ is now broadcasting. LIVE FROM THE DMZ will be presenting a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the series, never-before-seen images, and full length interviews on each of the 12 volumes of the series, posting in regular installments for the remainder of the year.

Join the insurgency today at:

End Transmission.

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