Ben Templemith Draws a Page of Fell #10 During a Live Art Show


Ben Templesmith took part in a live art show his evening, at Smugglers Cove bar in San Fransisco. Of huge surprise to fans was the fact that he drew a new page of Fell, his highly acclaimed collaboration with Warren Ellis!

It’s been just over three years since the last issue of Fell his the stands. The series suffered from scheduling issues due to Warren Ellis’ computer, which contained several future Fell scripts along with his backups, dying in late 2008, so Ellis is currently in the process of recreating them.

Then, to fans’ glee, Ellis announced on January 14th 2011, through his website, that the script to issue #10 had been emailed to Image Comics and Ben Templesmith.

So here we have it folks, your first look at Fell #10!

I’m going to see Ben in a live art show on Seattle, this Friday. I hope he draws some Fell while I’m there. I shall try to bribe him with alcohol!

The below pics were nicked from Ben’s Instagram:

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