Is Christopher Nolan Planning to Blow Up Pittsburgh’s Civic Arena for The Dark Knight Rises

0 (Pittsburgh, PA) has published an article looking at the reasons that Christopher Nolan decided to film The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh (as reported last week).

They think that the major reason for the location is because the city is going to let him blow up the Civic Arena (pictured), and use the footage in a key scene of the movie.

This seems pretty plausible, because the city was already looking to destroy the now defunct arnea (see below), and having Nolan blow it up would be pretty convenient, especially as Warner Bros would be footing the bill!

Should make for a pretty spectacular display!

UPDATE -  From CBS Pittsburgh:

“It’s a totally a bogus story,” Dawn Keezer, head of the film office, said. According to her, no one has ever talked about blowing up the arena.

“Unfortunately, some people really like to deal with rumors and innuendos and make up really great stories,” she added. “Maybe they should start writing scripts for Hollywood.”

From Wikipedia:

The Civic Arena closed on June 26, 2010. The former Mellon naming rights expired soon after, and the Penguins and all other events moved across the street to the new Consol Energy Center. The arena’s owner, the Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, initially voted in September 2010 to demolish the building in 2011. However, in November 2010, the arena was nominated for historic status at the last minute, and demolition has been delayed. A final vote by the Pittsburgh Historic Review Commission on the nomination was held on March 2, 2011. The result was the HRC declining the arena for historic status.

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