Jeff Smith Unveils 20th Anniversary Gigantic One-Volume Colour Editions of Bone!


If, like me, you own every issue of Bone, as well as the ‘phonebook’ one-volume edition, you’ve no doubt been seriously tempted by the newly coloured trades that have been coming out. I even went as far as buying the first two trades, before I stopped myself, and decided to wait for a collected version. The wait has been excruciating, but the day has finally arrived!

Over on Boneville, Jeff Smith has announced that to celebrate two decades since the publication of  Bone #1, Cartoon Books is pleased to announce a full color One Volume Edition of Bone in a collector’s box and a deluxe slipcase version! There will also be a very limited edition that contains original art by Jeff Smith and Steve Hamaker!

Here are the details:

(p.s. Anyone want to loan me $1000??)

BONE: 20th Anniversary Full Color One Volume Collector’s Box Set with Signed Art Print – limited to 2000 copies

Special Features:

- all 1344 full color pages of BONE in a single hardcover volume that measures 9 1/2″ x  7″ x  3″ . The book is adorned with colorful foil stamps and art work and includes a satin ribbon bookmark.

-A new essay by cartoonist Jeff Smith called “Twenty Years with BONE”.

-A signed and numbered 6 ” x  9″ art print of a previously unpublished piece of  BONE concept art.

-A 22k gold plated coin with Phoney Bone’s head on one side, and Fone Bone on the reverse giving the dates of BONE #1 July 1991, and the 20th Anniversary July 2011.

-Pewter figures of the three Bone cousins.

-A miniature facsimile of the BONE #1 comic book in black & white as originally published in July 1991.

-An expanded Cover Gallery of the BONE comic books and graphic novels.

-An Illustrated 20 Year Timeline

-Award winning feature length documentary DVD – The Cartoonist: Jeff Smith, BONE, and the Changing Face of Comics.

-Comes in a beautiful, 12″  x  12″  x 4″  illustrated red box with a magnetic clasp.

-Limited to 2,000 copies.

-Price: $350.

-Ships in July 2011.

The Collector’s Box Set will debut in San Diego at the Comic-Con International (it is listed in the May shipping Previews catalog because we needed a caution 3, as well time to get some numbers from retailers, but it will not actually be available until Preview Night at the Comic-Con)

BONE: 20th ANNIVERSARY FULL COLOR ONE VOLUME COLLECTOR’S BOX SET – with original art by Jeff Smith and hand painted by Steve Hamaker – limited to an edition of 50 copies

Special Features:

-All the details are the same as the above collector’s Box Set, but instead of the signed art print, this edition comes with a 6″ x 9″ piece of original art, each one individually penciled and inked by Jeff and hand watercolored by Steve Hamaker.

-Limited to 50 copies.

-Price:  $1000.

-Ships in July 2011. (also debuts on Preview night at Comic-Con International in San Diego)

BONE: 20th Anniversary Full Color One Volume Slipcase

Special Features:

-Deluxe Hard Cover  &  Slipcase 9 1/2″  x  7″  x  3″ with big, chunky close ups of BONE art work on both the Full Color One Volume Edition and the Slipcase with a new 32 page section that includes:

-A new essay by cartoonist Jeff Smith called “Twenty years with Bone”.

-Cover Gallery of BONE comics.

-Illustrated 20 Year Timeline.

-1376 pages total.

-Price: $150.

Ships this Fall, November 2011. (Just in time for the holidays!).

Information about how to pre-order from Boneville will be available next week, including an option to avoid shipping by picking your up your pre-paid box at the Cartoon Books booth in San Diego and selected other comic book shows during the year.

You can also pre-order one through your local comic book shop; the Diamond item code is:  MAR111015

Smith also promises that because hese are big collector books, through American they’ll plant a tree for every one they sell!

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