Fantagraphics Auctions Original Production Pasteups for The Comics Journal #133!


Flog! reports that in an effort to find a loving home for some fascinating artifacts and give themselves a little more storage space, they have decided to  auction off the original production pasteups for the entire issue #133 of The Comics Journal from 1989, including all 120 original pages, front and back covers, and production ephemera.

The auction is being listed on eBay, and currently only has 1 bod of $45, with 6 days till the listing closes.

TCJ #133 was a special “Violence in Comics” issue featuring interviews with Dr. Thomas Radecki (Director, The National Coalition on Television Violence) and Dr. Fredric Wertham (author, Seduction of the Innocent). Also: “Siren Song of Blood”: the rise of remorselessly violent vigilantes; Comics on Trial 1954: a look back at the infamous Senate hearings; lurid Jim Woodring cover art; more!

Gary Groth provided this description of the issue:

“This was our special sex & violence issue, published at the height of a minor but persistent media brouhaha over the sexual and violence quotient in ‘grown-up’ comics from Marvel and DC. DC had implemented a ratings system — or announced it — and a number of creators — Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Howard Chaykin — were up in arms over it. This was a remarkably solid issue analyzing the question from every which way. I approached Jim Woodring for a cover and he did a doozy, encapsulating the theme in a single image. It would’ve been the issue’s art director who literally pasted it all up, using wax and photostats and typesetting-on-film. Those were the days.”

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