Batwoman #1 Delayed Yet Again!


If you picked up any DC titles at the store this week, you may have noticed that they contain a gorgeous  5-page sneak peek preview of Batwoman #1, which touts the issue as coming out in April 2011. However, Diamond’s March cancellation list seems to indicate that they have cancelled orders of both Batwoman #1 and Batwoman #2.

The series, which is co-written by JH WIlliams III and Haden Blackman, with artwork by JH WIlliams III and Amy Reeder, was originally proposed to debut in late 2010, then eventually solicited for February 2011, before being push back to April. No information is yet available as to when the shipping date has been moved to.

Why the delays? No-one knows. I still say that they shouldn’t try to continue the series without Greg Rucka. I mean, the #0 issue sure was pretty, but the story didn’t exactly bowl me over. Hopefully the ongoing will have more oomph to it!

Oh well, while you are waiting for the issue to hit, check out these preview pages:


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