Avatar Reveals Details About Their Boundless Imprint’s Wargodess Series


A few weeks ago, we revealed that Avatar Press and their new Boundless Comics imprint would be releasing a new series called Wargoddess, set to be written by Avatar veteran Mike Wolfer, with artwork by Pow Rodix. We also shared the gorgeous wraparound cover to the first issue, by Jacen Burrows.

No further details were available about the series, until this last weekend, when Avatar revealed more during their panel at C2E2. It seems that the series, which debuts in June will feature several classic “bad girl” characters including flagship Avatar heroine Pandora along with the returning characters,  Widow and Hellina.

In addition, during the retailer summit, they announced a retailer incentive programme, similar to the one used by IDW to promote their new Godzilla series.

For more information, see the press release and solicitation, listed below.

War Goddess #0 Solicitation:


Retail Price: $3.99 US

Writer: Mike Wolfer (Lady Death, Gravel)

Art: Pow Rodrix (Justice League)

Readership: MR

Format: Full Color, 32 pages, ongoing monthly

Boundless unleashes our second on-going monthly series, written by Mike (Lady Death) Wolfer and featuring a whole new World that is populated by re-imagined versions of some of the most popular indy characters! For centuries, the sins of man ravaged the Earth, and our only salvation lay in the hands of the very being who first unleashed that evil upon us. But the unending battle has finally been won, the mythical box has been closed, and the immortal Pandora has settled into a life of exploration of the world her impulsive actions once nearly destroyed. But true evil cannot be contained forever, and an even more hideous scourge is about to be released upon the dimension of the living in an invasion of cataclysmic proportions. Only a true War Goddess could face such insurmountable odds, but when the incursion from the dark dimension begins in the form of the demon assassin Hellina, Pandora knows that a defense force of supernaturally-powered allies is mankind’s only hope. And her first recruit is the woman-spider Widow, whose horrific savagery and thirst for blood might be the only thing that lies between victory, and total and eternal Hell on Earth!

Variant Covers:

Regular cover by Matt Martin

Wraparound cover by Jacen Burrows (Neonomicon, Crossed)

Gore cover by Jacen Burrows

Art Nouveau by Michael Dipascale!



March 18, 2021 – The publisher also announced an exciting nationwide Retailer Exclusive program with minimum buy-in requirements as low as only 150 copies.

By popular demand, the debut #0 issue re-introduces the established “bad girl” character Pandora as the titular heroine, and also revamps such fan-favorite characters as Widow and Pandora for a new generation. The story, written by talented Mike Wolfer (Lady Death, Gravel), is a completely ground-level introduction to new readers; comic book fans will not need any prior knowledge of the characters Pandora, Hellina, or Widow in order to enjoy the new series. The full-sized, 32-page launch issue comes in full color with the regular series retail price of $3.99.

Retailers will have the opportunity to attain store exclusive cover variants in two different ways. Retailers can attain a Store Name Exclusive edition for a minimum commitment of only 150 copies, and an Art Exclusive edition featuring unique cover artwork for a minimum commitment of only 350 copies.

For comic shops stocking the low minimum commitment of only 150 copies, they will receive a full-color Store Name Exclusive edition featuring their particular store name on the shared front cover illustration by Pow Rodrix (JLA, What If? Secret Invasion, Wolverine), the talented interior artist of the WAR GODDESS series. The unit price on the 150-copy Store Name Exclusive edition is $3.99.

For stores committed to stocking at least 350 units, they will receive an Art Exclusive edition featuring a 100% unique cover image. The cover image will be distinctly original and full-color. Boundless Comics will work directly with stores, giving them the opportunity to select the piece of artwork for their store. The unit price on the 350-copy Art Exclusive edition is $3.99. Retailers are encouraged to contact Keith Davidsen, the publisher’s Director of Sales, for selection information ([email protected]).

Regarding the nationwide program, Keith Davidsen says, “I’ve talked to a lot of retailers since Boundless Comics launched last year, and there are plenty out there who’d love to have exclusives for their store. The challenge has always been quantity – there are only a small handful of stores that can move the 500 or 1,500-unit minimums that other publishers have offered. So here we are today, making the program available to pretty much anyone! The WAR GODDESS #0 Retailer Exclusive program is throwing open the doors to shops nationwide to have something truly special and unique for their shelves and their customers.”

Through Diamond’s April 2011 Previews catalog, retailers will also have the opportunity to order the traditional selection of WAR GODDESS #0 variant cover editions. The debut #0 issue will be available in regular, wraparound, the horror-themed “Gore”, and stylistic Art Nouveau editions.

Describing the new direction for the character Pandora in the WAR GODDESS series, writer Mike Wolfer says, “We pick up the story many years after Pandora accomplished her centuries-long struggle to contain the evils she set loose upon the Earth. The immortal War Goddess has retired, but I’ve concocted a totally new threat, with enemies and villains like the Earth has never seen, so it’s a whole new war that must be waged. She’d probably hate to admit it, but Pandora can’t fight this war alone.” The overwhelming threat to humanity posed in the series forces her to recruit other cult classic female fatales into her conflict.

Created by indie press icon William Christensen in 2010, Boundless Comics publishes high-quality, action-oriented comics, as exemplified by its hugely successful initial release, LADY DEATH by Brian Pulido and Mike Wolfer. For more information about Boundless Comics and their exciting new publications, please visit www.boundlesscomics.com.

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