DC Comics Reveals More Details on their New ‘Who’s Who’ Series, and DC Legacies


On DC Comics’ The Source blog, Dan Didio has revealed that DC is currently producing a new ‘Who’s Who’ of the series,with the first issue hitting the stores in May.

Didio revealed that the new series will consist of 18 issues, with over 800 entries, and featuring, literally, a thousand characters. The project is being put together by former DC Editor Bob Greenberger, who worked on the original ‘Who’s Who’.

Didio then went on to discuss the upcoming DC Legacies series being written by Len Wein, saying that Wein has”crafted a detailed and weaving story of two families whose lives have been impacted by five generations of super-heroes”, going on to say that “DC Legacies tells the tale of the history of the DC Universe as experienced by the characters who live in it. Five generations, ten issues and fifteen of comics’ greatest artists will be telling a tale for the ages.”.

The article was accompanied by the cover from the first issue of DC Legacies, drawn by Andy and Joe Kubert, which tackles the first generation of heroes and the age of the Mystery Men.

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