Things I Love: My Blecky Yuckerella Original Artwork by Johnny Ryan


There are no doubt a number of uneducated and uncouth philistines amongst you, who have no idea what Blecky Yuckeralla is. Well, allow me educate and enlighten you:

Blecky Yuckerella was a series of four-panel gag strips that featured the misadventures of Blecky, the stupidest and ugliest girl in the second grade, and the only one with three-day stubble. The character was created by Johhny Ryan, who debuted her in his legendary underground comix masterpiece, Angry Youth Comix. Johnny then spun the character off into her own series, which was published the pages of alternative newspaper the Portland Mercury, before becoming a webcomic that was published at (though no longer available to view for free). For the last six years, Fantagraphics have been collecting the strips, and publishing them in bi-annual collections. The last ever Blecky strip was posted on Johnny’s website in July 2010.

Blecky was a fantastically grotesque series, which was as obscene as it was hilarious - a true underground masterpiece! Fantagraphics recently released the fourth and final volume of Blecky strips (reviewed here), and as soon as I finished reading the collection, I emailed Johnny to see if he had any of the original art for sale. As it happened, he did, and I decided to purchase the artwork for final ever Becky strip, so that I could immortalize this classic comic moment.  Johhny really ended Blecky in style, and there’s no going back from an ending like that!

Check out these pictures of the artwork, which I have hanging on the wall in my office. Oh, and go read some Johhny Ryan comics, the man is a demented genius!

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