Comics Idol Holds Riot Shell T-Shirt Design Contest


At least I *think* that’s what this press releases is about. It’s a little bit busy with all the links!

From the press release:

AUSTRALIA – Here is YOUR chance to get your very own Riot Shell original designed T-shirt, with YOUR design!

You can download the template at and get wild with your very own design technique and your very own means of making art! Check the rules at Comic Idol Online and be sure to HAVE FUN with it!

Nicita himself stated “it makes me feel vibrant and alive to see all the creativity artists are showing at every Page Contest I put out but since I discovered the cool-factor in having merchandise of Riot Shell, it makes me want to up the ante even more and therefore I will reward the winner of the T-Shirt Contest with a shirt of their own”.

We at Comic Idol Online promised you one hell of a Riot, and it sure looks like a fierce riot indeed!

Comic Idol Online would like to let you know that they can be reached via Facebook (, Twitter (, MySpace ( and of course via and via

You can now order Riot Shell merchandise via Zazzle at
You can also order the Riot Shell #0 Remastered Edition comic (creation/script by Adrian Nicita, story by Julian Lawler, pencils by Martin Möntiel, colors by Dash Martin and edits by Richard Boom) via Indy Planet at

Riot Shell is the (online) comic, which has the unique ability to have the most fan-support in the business, simply because fans themselves create, support, pencil, color and  publish the comic. Nicita Design’s Adrian Nicita created a platform ( for aspiring comic book artists to strut their stuff and via this platform chapter after chapter will become available to the fans. Comic Idol Online lets the fans decide which page, creator and storyline will be the future of Riot Shell.

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