Jock Reveals the Cover to The Losers, Book 2


Over on his Twitter page (, Jock has revealed the cover art for the upcoming second collection of his and Andy Diggle’s The Losers.

The Losers, Book 2 collects issues #13-32 of the original Vertigo comics series, being the same content that was in collected in the third, fourth, and fifth volumes of the now out-of-print original TPB collections of the series.

Whether you are new to the series, and just watched the movie, or whether you are an old fan, this is a must have collection! I have the original comics, the original TPBs, and I still have this pre-ordered, it’s *that* good a series! I would have liked to see DC put this out in HC format like other similar collections, like Preacher, Swamp Thing etc. but you can’t have everything…

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