New Cast Line-Up Promo Poster for The Losers Movie


A new promo photo of the cast of The Losers has appeared online. The photo, which shows the movie’s protagonists, mimics the official movie poster, which is drawn by Jock. Well, almost, they seem to have messed up, and have swapped Clay and Aisha’s position, whoops!

To see the movie trailer, click here.

The Losers is originally a comic book series published by the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics, written by Andy Diggle and illustrated by Jock. It ran for 32 issues from August 2003 to March 2006. The idea was very loosely based on the original Losers for DC Comics, a group of World War II soldiers, although Andy Diggle maintains he has never read a single issue of the original series. In 2004 The Losers was  Nominated for the “Best New Series” Eisner Award & for the “Favourite New Comicbook” Eagle Award. In 2006 Jock was nominated for the “Best Cover Artist” Eisner Award.

The cast of the upcoming movie has been announced as:

Chris Evans as Jensen
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Clay
Zoe Saldana as Aisha
Jason Patric as Max
Idris Elba as Roque
Columbus Short as Pooch
Óscar Jaenada as Cougar

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