Trawling the Internets - Issue #3


Issue #3????? Yes, this feature was previously called Odds & Ends. Basically I couldn’t think of a name. But look, it’s a pun now. Everyone loves a pun!!!!

The idea? Simple. I spend a lot of time online, browsing comic news, reading creator blogs, reading web comics, I follow a lot of creators on twitter, and am friends with quite a few creators on Facebook. Due to this I tend to come across lots of bits of news, rumours, art previews etc. etc.

I could blog about these things as I find them, but that would be a lot of work, and make for pretty dull reading. So, I stick them all together in one big chunk of awesomeness, so packed full of thrill-power it has the ability to make your eyes pop, and your brain implode.


Jasson Aaron said on Twitter: Can I really get away with the scene I’m about to write? Even if it is The Punisher? Time will tell.

- So, I guess he is set to write Punisher Max sometime in the near future. After Ennis is off the title they have three arcs from various crime novelists coming up, perhaps after that??

Friend plug:

Friend of the blog, Dwight L. MacPherson got interviewed over at CBR about his new series, M-Theory. It’s a good interview, and I’m really looking forward to the comic.

Quotes of the Week:

Leah Moore: lol oh dear! just don’t put it in the bathroom…you’ll find it hard to go with that face looking at you….

- After telling her I just bought this Alan Moore Lithograph for my new apartment!

Ben McCool: That, officially, makes you a badass. So badass, in fact, that you lost your virginity before your dad.

- Addressed at Ben Templesmith. The reason doesn’t matter, but that is funny as Hell!

Wil Wheaton: NBC’s Olympic encore, which starts at 2:30 in the morning, is sponsored by Ambien. That’s moderately funny

Drunk-Ass Comic creators

- This is a video of British writers Simon Spurrier, Kieron Gillen, and a third person I didn’t recognize, frolicking in a kids ball pool while pissed off their skulls. Or as they like to say: DUNK! Are these the types of people you want writing your comics? Answer: emphatic yes!

Ben Templesmith is Asking for Trouble

Over on his blog Ben Templesmith is holding a competition. He recently received advance copies of Welcome to Hoxford #2 and is willing to give them away (signed) to the fan who send in the most creative pictures of themselves reading issue one of the series. Fun idea, but I can imagine his going to end up looking through some horrific pictures!! I had one in mind, but my wife says she will divorce me if I do it. Yes, it really was that bad!!

New Images from Phonogram 2

Jamie McKelvie has posted an image of Penny B, who is that lead character of Issue 1 of The Singles Club. Damn, she looks pretty!

Emma Vieceli’s Violet in the DFC

The DFC is a new British kids comic, available by subscription only, click here to go to their site and order. Emma says on her blog:

Next week (issue 13), Violet finally hits the pages of the DFC! WOOOO! Her run starts with reprints of her Guardian strips, but in just a couple of weeks’ time we’ll be starting on the actual Violet storyline. I really hope you can join the revolution and go subscribe to this amazing weekly comic….make Violet happy ^_^

PJ Holden and Al Ewing’s Murderdrome #0

Paul has said on his blog that issue #0 of the story has been submitted to the distributor. He hasn’t yet said exactly what it is for, but I have strong suspicions. I’m not going to say here though, as I respect his wishes to keep it hush hush at the moment. Check out this amazing cover though:

Paul also let me know that he is currently drawing a 4 page Phonogram B-Side. It looks like the new Phonogram stuff just got even better

Join the Gutsville Group on Facebook

I have created a fan page for Gutsville, the excellent creator owned comic by Si Spurrier and Frazer Irving. If you are on Facebook please join up, chat about the book, whatever. I’ve put up all details of the concept of the project, and where to buy the first three issues if you don’t yet have them. If you join the group, you will also be sent updates to tell you when the next issue of the book is set to ship, so you don’t miss it.

Robert Kirkman’s Mission Statement:

Please head over to the article at CBR to see the comments Kirkman gave with this. Robert Also gave an interview over at Word Balloon, where he says something very similar.

Fellow blogger Kevin Huxford analyzed this video in huge detail on his site, and also discussed matters brought up in the wordballoon interview.

I’m not going to go over it in huge detail here. I understand what Kirkman is saying, and I can understand Kevin’s reservations.

Webcomics That Came Out This Week:

Freak Angels Episode #23 - Concluding book one of the series
Edgar Allen Poo episode #84 - The latest page of Dwight’s Harvey nominated classic.
Street Code - Dean Haspiel’s Zuda hosted Street comic - new pages added August 15th
Imaginary Boys - Cool new fantasy comic on Zuda. Created by Yamatai, and first appearing on August 15th
High Moon - by David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, and Scott O Brown. High moon is Western Period horror comic. Yes, that is just as cool as it sounds!!!! Season 2 began on August 16th
Melody - by Iilias Kyriazis. Updated August 14th
The Night Owls - Crazy, 1920s period, detective comedy by Peter Timony and Robert Timony. Updated August 14th
Bayou - A gorgeous dark fantasy/horro tale by Jeremy Love and Patrick Morgan. Updated August 13th
The Black Cherry Bombshells - Really odd tale about Ultra-violent girl gangs and zombies. By John Zito & Anthony Trovarello. Updated 13th August

Also remember to vote in Zuda’s current competition. There is some great stuff in there.

Awesome Artwork We Bought:

My wife wanted some paintings for our new apartment. She came across Leah Moore’s Etsy store, and long story short, we now own these three paintings:

- She still has 5 paintings up for sa1e. Make sure you snap them up quickly!

New Watchmen Movie Pictures

- Rorschach actually looks pretty cool, very little modification to the original design

- OK, the ship looks really good, but what the Hell is with the rejected outfit from Batman & Robin??? Discount sale on PVC??

- So the Silk Spectre is a skank in the movie?? I don’t remember her being a whore in the comic. Also, she has some serious camel toe going on!

- You’ve been a bad little boy, and the Leather Daddy is going to teach you a lesson. Bring out the gimp!

That’s it for this week folks!

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