On House Decorating and… Glycon?


OK, so everyone (everyone I know who likes comics anyway) has been telling me to get a copy of Alex Robinson’s Too Cool to be Forgotten. In order to find out a little more about it I headed to the Top Shelf Website. While I was on the site I had a look at all the Alan Moore stuff they sell.

It may surprise some people to know, but there is some Alan Moore stuff I don’t own. Actually, I only really got back into reading comics about 3 years ago. I used to read a lot until I went to University. At University I had to live on my student loan, with no money from my parents (I am the last child of 5, and they were in their 60s). After tuition fees, rent, and textbooks this left me precious little money for anything. In fact I used to live on £5 a week grocery money. I had to stop reading comics, buying CDs, and the only books I could afford were from charity shops. After I finished University, I worked for two years in a town where the nearest comic shop was in London (70 miles away). Then after my girlfriend’s family moved to Canada I sold almost everything I owned, and blew all my money on a flight to Canada, and international student fees at a college here (about $15000). So followed another year of abject poverty, dosing down in her parent’s house.

So, long story short, I missed out on comics from about 1999-2005. But, I am now back into comics, and live in Victoria B.C. which is a comic book mecca, we have 5 comic book shops in town!!!!

Anyway, I saw a few things I wanted on the Top Cow site, such as a couple of his spoken word CDs, signed items etc. Then I found the Perfect Item for decorating our new apartment when we move at the end of the month:

It is signed and numbered, and obviously I just had to have it. He is going to be framed and put in our office/second bedroom. So, if you ever come to stay at our house, rest assured, Alan Moore will be watching over you while you sleep!!!

My wife said she wanted me to get rid of my comic/band posters. She didn’t say anything about Lithographs. She won’t have an objection to this will she? Hmm….

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