Warren Ellis Talks About Writing Technique


Warren has put an interesting article up on his site about how he is writing his current Horror comic Gravel. He says of the style:

I work in a style called “scriptment.” It’s partway between a full script and a “treatment,” or detailed synopsis. It’s not quite a short story, not a Marvel-style outline, neither fish nor fowl nor arse eel. This thing then goes to Mike Wolfer, who adapts it into a full script. Some people have asked how much of GRAVEL is me and how much is Mike.

Check it out here

I found this quite interesting, because I am currently writing a story, which I am not sure whether I want to be a comic or a prose short story, and this is kinda the way that I have been writing it, with a view to make it go either way i.e. find an artist if possible, or bulk it up to proper prose. Nice to know I am not writing it like a total retard then

My one objection with the article is the use of the term “Yorshire Bastard”. I hope that is the Gravel character talking, and not a sentiment that Mr. Ellis shares with his character, because coming from someone from Essex…. actually, I won’t go there

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