Sorry For the Lack of Content, But I Am Convalescing


Sorry I haven’t had much stuff up here this week. This week has been really hectic. We had mortgage troubles, which were eventually sorted, work was crazy. Then, when all that was over and I was cycling home, in a great mood… I got run over by a car. YAY UNIVERSE! THANKS!

I’m pretty sure that I am cursed

For the record though, I am getting a few return visitors now, and a few comic professionals have stopped by. Dwight L. Macpherson stops by sometimes. Rick Remender read my Fear Agent #22 review, and sent me a thank you note on Twitter. Last but not least, John Reppion has been sending me a lot of traffic from his message boards to read my Savage Tales #8 review. All in all I am quite pleased

I felt OK last night, but when I woke up today I could hardly move, and kept falling asleep everywhere. I went to the Doctor, and he looked me over. He says I need lots of bed rest, and I was very lucky not to have broken anything. He also says that I must be agile like a cat, because I fell in the perfect way to minimize damage Apparently the sleepiness is adrenaline hangover, he said I’ll be like that for a few days. D’oh!

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen: My super power is falling down. Yay me ! Hence forth I should be called The Fall Guy! Oh wait, that was a bad 80s T.V. show staring Lee Majors. Nice Moustache though

I’ll post a few things tonight, including a silly short story I posted on Facebook. It is quite insane

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