Comic Book Review - Fear Agent #22


I must admit that I didn’t get round to reading any comics last night, so the ever growing comic backlog is still menacingly large. So, today I will review a comic I read a couple of weeks ago, ahh photographic memory, how I love you so.

Up for review: Fear Agent #22 I AGAINST I part 1 (of 6)

writer: Rick Remender
penciler: Tony Moore

Fear agent just came off a major story arc. Lot of things came to a head, and a few elements seeded in earlier story-lines resurfaced. This is great for the constant reader, but it is pretty hard to explain to new readers, so I won’t At the conclusion of the last arc Heath was shot through the other side of a black hole, and found himself in a shadow universe marooned on the desolate planet Westx, with his new friend Nicholas.

After crash landing on WesX Heath and Nicholas have to abandon their ship, after being attacked by some ghouls that tagged along with them through the black hole. Upon abandoning their ship they find that they landed on a mountain side, and promptly tumble a fair distance down to a desert floor. They then wander the desert for a while before finding some cover from the harsh sun. They manage to set up camp, but end up getting attacked by giant bugs. After being overcome by the bugs, Heath awakes to find himself in a bath, being soothed by a woman that looks rather a lot like his recently deceased lover, Mara. All is, quite clearly, not as it seems, and we are shown a shadowy figure who has a score to settle with Heath (who doesn’t).

This was a really good issue of Fear Agent. I have been reading it since #1 and can honestly say that it just seems to get better and better. Rick Remender has created a very rich world for Heath Huston, with engaging characters, and an intriguing back story. If you aren’t buying it, I would recommend you go out and buy the trades, and tell your store to put it on your pull list. It is so damn much fun, and probably my favorite comic series of the last few years.

In this issue we get action, adventure, intrigue, and giant bugs! Apart from that there are some great character moments as Heath and Nicholas sit around the fire and discuss the death of Keith, Heath’s relationship with Mara, and tackle the subject of Heath’s estranged daughter. Heath and Nicholas have a fantastic dynamic going on, they are probably the funniest paring in comics at the moment. Then again, you can’t go wrong with a Russian sidekick, da?

This also marks the return of founding artist Tony Moore to the series. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Jerome Opena’s artwork, but there is just something special about the way Tony Moore draws Heath. Those of you who buy Tony’s other creator owned series The Exterminators will know that Tony draws A LOT of bugs in it. In this issue, as a sign of supreme bastardry Rick Remender makes Tony draw pages and pages of… you guessed it: giant bugs!! Ha ha!

This comic was great fun, I would recommend it to any one who has eyes.

Grade: 10 out of 10

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