Matt Fraction’s Casanova, and Last of the Independents optioned for Movies


I just read over of Entertainment Weekly that Matt Fraction just closed a deal to turn two of his co-creations, Casanova and Last of the Independents, into movies.

Apparently a “major A-list actor is already mulling over the lead in Casanova, an adventure-caper about a thief-turned-spy, which Alexander promises will evolve into a ‘mega-budget, effects-intensive action spectacular.’”

They hope to turn Casanova into a franchise, with Casanova played by a different actor in each subsequent film, much like how the James Bond franchise is run.

Casanova is hoped to debut over the 4th of July weekend in 2010, and Last of the Independents is set to start filming in 2009.

So, well done to Mr. Fraction. He has risen so quickly in the comic world that it is almost unbelievable, and he already has two films optioned. I can imagine he is jumping around with joy right now.

It seems like quite a few independent comic books are getting optioned at the moment. Simon Oliver and Tony Moore’s Exterminators was optioned for a Showtime series last week. I quite like the idea of comics being turned into series or mini-series. I think that has the potential to do far better justice to the series they are based on. Interestingly, Exterminators was originally pitched as a T.V. series, after it had been rejected, it was decided to make it into a comic. Let’s hope this actually makes the light of day. An HBO series based on Garth Ennis’ Preacher has been in development limbo for several years now.

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