No comics, but I bought a condo


OK, It looks like the comic shop is off for the day, so I’ll get down tomorrow and post a few reviews in the evening. Basically, I’ve had a bastard of a week with: cycling 30km to work, working 8 hours, cycling 30 km back, having a shower, going out with our realtor for 4 hours to see condos, coming home, eating, doing the dishes, then getting 6 hours sleep and starting the whole cycle again the next day. So, last night I went to bed at about 2 a.m. and didn’t get up till 3 p.m. today. I then had to clean the house, as it had become a right fucking mess. So, comics are off for the day, sorry!

The plus side is that we found a condo we liked, and signed the papers on it last night. We didn’t get it at quite the price we wanted, but ended up taking the counter offer, which was $15,000 below the original asking price! The condo is 1030 square feet, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, comes with the cooker, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and has in-suite laundry hook up. The complex has a tennis court, racket ball court, heated indoor swimming pool, sauna, hot tub, and a large communal lounge with a patio and barbecue pit. Couldn’t ask for better really! I imagine I’ll turn the second bedroom into a computer room and comic book room though Also, there is a large walk-in closet which has my wife excited! Now we just have to wait till the end of August to move out of our current rental, which in an area of the city colloquially called “Hand-Gun heights”. We decided that the best way to save up was to live in a slum tenement for two years, it was a good plan.

Anyway, I received a shipment of books from last night, some for a few series I want to catch up on, and some to replace stuff which has been sitting in my parent’s attic in England for four years, which I’ll likely never get shipped out :

Alan Moore’s Another Suburban Romance (HC)
DMZ Volume 1: On the Ground
The Exterminators Volume 1: Bug Brothers
God Save the Queen (HC)
Jack of Fables Volume 1: The (Nearly) Great Escape
Sandman (Absolute Edition) Volume III
Scalped Volume 1: Indian Country
Transmetropolitan Volume 1: Back On the Street

Right, I’m gonna go get dressed, grab a bite to eat with my wife and go watch Wanted.

Se Ya!

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2 Responses to “No comics, but I bought a condo”
  1. atomicker says:

    Congratulations Ed (and, um, Mrs Ed?)! Do you still have the link to the MLS listing? It will probably still be active for a few days, and then we could all see what your condo looks like without having to pony up the dough for housewarming gifts.

  2. Edward Kaye says:

    Thanks! Her name’s Chrissy by the way I’ll have a look for the posting later on, I think it might still be up.

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