Yesterday evening, the official Twitter account of Skybound Entertainment, revealed that Robert Kirkman will be writing a trilogy of The Walking Dead tie-in novels! The first book in this trilogy will be titled ‘Rise of the Governor‘, and will explore the origins of one of the series’ most despised antagonists, the Governor of Woodbury. Rise [...]

Mulholland Books today announced that Warren Ellis has signed a two book deal with the publisher. The first book  to come out of this deal will be Gun Machine, which we can expect to see in Autumn/Fall 2012. Warren says of the book that: In Gun Machine, I’m writing about a disruptive event: a small [...]

From the press release: Dragon Apocalypse series comes to Solaris Three exciting new titles from American fantasy author James Maxey have become the latest acquisition by Solaris, in a deal with John Berlyne at the Zeno Literary Agency. Greatshadow, Hush and Sorrow each form part of the Dragon Apocalypse trilogy, a fantasy series packed full [...]

From the press release:

Josh Wagner is the creator of the award-winning mini-series Fiction Clemens published by Ape Entertainment, and writer of the current Image Comics series Sky Pirates of Neo Terra. Like many of the best comic book writers, Josh has many other creative outlets for his tales, and has experience writing both novels and screenplays. His first [...]